Alberta Frances Rides Horse

Alberta Frances Rides Horse, 50, of Lodge Grass gained her Angel Wings on Dec. 24, 2019 at Billings Clinic with her husband, children, & family surrounding her. 

Baa’aaatchiim Biache (Pretty Good Fortunate woman) was born July 6, 1969 in Missoula, MT, to Aloysius Caplette and Mary Beth LaForge. She was a member of the Big Lodge Clan and child of the Piegan Clan. she received her education at the Wyola grammar school, St. Labre High School and graduated from Lodge Grass High School in 1987. She later attended and received her A.A. Degree from Little Big Horn College. In 1973 at just 4 years old, she was the President of the Crow Fair Celebration, in 2004 she was the Crow Fair Secretary, and in 2012 she was the 94th Annual Crow Fair Celebration Parade Manager. Her and her family camped every Crow Fair, she prepared and cooked large meals daily for her family, friends, and all the new friends she met during the celebration; most became like family to her.   

Her hobbies included barrel racing, hunting, & fishing with her family. She loved cooking outdoors and always took her nieces and nephews along. She never failed to participate or volunteer for any sports or activities her children participated in; she was a coach for Lodge Grass girl’s JV basketball and the Wyola girl’s Junior High Basketball and volleyball teams. One of her favorite holiday’s was Halloween, she loved to dress up and participate in the Masquerade’s. She loved making people laugh. She loved being around family, visiting, and laughing all night.  

She loved traveling to rodeos all across Indian country with her “daddy Apple”. She was very traditional, she participated in SunDance and Native American sweat lodge. She enjoyed Powwow’s and playing Handgames, she won multiple championships with the Mighty Few, Lodge Grass, and Big Horn districts. In 2008 she was the High Point Woman while playing for Might Few, in 2018 she won the winning point in the championship game while playing with the Big Horn District.

Alberta married Robert “Hoss” Rides Horse Sr. on December 20, 1990 in Lodge Grass at the Our Lady of Loretto Catholic Church. They recently celebrated 29 years of marriage; however, they have been together for 33 years. She’s worked in Tribal Records, Crow land security as a dispatcher, Head Start Receptionist, road construction flagger, roller operator, worked with the Jon Tester campaign, and head cook for Wyola school. 

Her maternal grandparents Frances and Mary (Walks) LaForge, her paternal grandparents Paddy Ryan and Iola “Iron” Caplette, James and Emma LaForge LaRance, her        parents Aloysius Caplette and Mary Beth LaForge, godparents Walter & Meta Stewart, her daughter Tanisha “Nisha Gurl” Rides Horse-Watson and B.J. Backbone; granddaughter Ta’shon Rain Little Light; as well as her childhood friends  Lynnette Birdinground and Princess Stops preceded Alberta in death.

Survivors include her husband. her children CJ (Rachel), Whitney, Shylee, & Kayden Jo Rides Horse, Richard (Lucretia) and Erica Takes Horse, Chantina and Wilson White Hip, Leah, Varsha, Colt, and Dani Takes Enemy and Cameron Watson; Adopted children; Beatrice (Eric) Morrison, Natasha Reed, Orlanda (Traylynd) Birdinground, Newta Whistling Elk, Cyrus “Sonny” Leider Jr., Arlo Male Bear, Terry Scott “BT” Enemy Hunter, Kyle LaForge, Christy & Trista Rides Horse, Melissa Jefferson, brothers Sonny (Nikki) LaRance, Santana Castro, Maverick White Clay, Willis (Jaime) Not Afraid, Michael, Chris (Roberta) Pisano, Dillard (Rachel) Birdinground, Jonah Red Cherries, Gordon (Crystal) Real Bird Jr., Myron (Lorene), McKinely (Morena) Crooked Arm, Donavon (Dawn), Justin (Tia) Oleyte, Darcy Old Coyote, Jonah (Jennifer) Morsette, Richard  “Sonny”, Chance Cummins, Shann Hill, Corey Morning, Ceivert LaForge, John Cummins III sisters Helen Caplette, Misty LaRance, Wahelah Castro, Mary Bigday, Valenna Medicine Horse, Kassie, Kristin Birdinground, Becky Graham, Buffy Stewart, Marita Roundface, Rhiannon Cummins, Ida Backbone, Rana, Patricia, Polly, Callie Real Bird, Tessa Old Coyote, Anita Stewart, Christy Wright ; She was also very fond of her brother and sister Everette and Kimmy Walks; her grandchildren Sierra, Stephanie, McKennon, Abby, Tret, and Johnny, Thea (Wyatt) Skunkcap, Tia and Jackie Little Light, Macey Beth Takes Enemy, Skylar Rides Horse; nieces & nephew;  Stephanie (TR) LittleLight, Sammy, RJ, Janae, Jaycee “Berta”, Leah, Peyton, Kaylanie, Amika, David, RaeLynn, Debra, SunnyKate, Wiley, Jessi (Micah) WhiteClay, Micah Beth (C.J.) Other Medicine, MikkiLee, Chaz, KylieJo, Tanisha Pisano, Benjamin, Sylvanna, BillyAlvin, Trish LaForge, Dezmond, Raphael, Martin, Frankie & Beth Rides Horse. Aunts Kathy (Gilbert) Birdinground, Anita LaRance,Bobaleen, Sherri, Barbie Brien, Valerie (Travis) Birdinground, Barbara, Naomie, Teresa, Rae, Toni, Jolene, Aragon, Valerie Iron, Sharon Peregoy, Lou Old Coyote, AnnieJane (Edwin) Tsosie, Haroldine Moss, GeorgieAnn (Jon) Adams, Agnes Lefthand, Coleena Caplette, Mary Helen Medicine Horse, Cheryl (Tom) WhiteClay, Donna Jefferson,  Uncles Billy (Pamela) Backbone, Richard “Dickie” Cummins, William WindyBoy, Allison Bouyer, Clinton (Corlis) Iron, Ivan (Dorothy) Morning, Frenchie Dillon, Frank Caplette, Manford Walks ; Grandmother Angela Red Wolf Stewart. Extended Families Caplette, LaForge, Bouyer, Iron, Cummins, Walks, Wesley, Crooked Arm, LaRance, Dillon, Eastman, Young, Plenty Hawk, Iron Horse. Please forgive us if we have forgotten anyone, our family is very large.

Rosary will be recited Dec. 27, 3:00 PM Friday in the Bullis Funeral Chapel.   Funeral Mass will be celebrated Dec. 28th, 10:00 AM, Saturday in the Lodge Grass Our Lady of Loretto Catholic Church. Interment will follow in the Lodge Grass Cemetery. Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.  

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