Alvin Little Light

Alvin “Emil” Little Light, 79, passed peacefully to Other Side of Camp on July 28, 2018 at the ICU in Billings Clinic.   He was born to Richard “Buster”and Mildred (Crooked Arm) Little Light in Crow Agency on September 6, 1939. His Indian name Isshíwilitche (Good Water) was given to him by his grandmother, Black Bird Woman.  He was nicknamed after Emil Reshawl from South Dakota.  Alvin was a member of the Whistling Water Clan and a Child of the Big Lodge. He was a member of Black Lodge District. 

Margaret Minnie Crooked Arm legally adopted him and raised him in the Crow Agency Area.  Although his grandmother adopted him he remained close to his parents and siblings. His childhood friend was Richard Real Bird and that friendship continued through the years. John Nomee Sr. was his dancing partner and the Nomee family took him as a part of the family in place of their lost sibling.   He was adopted as a son by the Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson Family. He was also adopted by Roy and Catherine Bull Coming, Ralph Turile, Jacquline Turile, adopted aunt Joyce Silver Horn and Thomas and Ina Bad Bear in place of children the families had lost.  

He attended schools in Wyola and graduated from Lodge Grass High School in 1960 where he participated in basketball and track.  He attended Haskell Indian Nation University and returned in 1961 to marry Pamela Stops Sings Good.  He was drafted into U.S. Army and stationed at Fort Carson, Fort Ord and Fort Lewis.  He was involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis (Bay of Pigs}. After his active service, he continued in the Army Reserves. He was taken to Fort Irwin during this time, sent to Vietnam but immediately returned to the United States.  He was honorably discharged 1964.

After he returned from the Army, Emil and Pamela lived in Wyola, Crow Agency, Pryor and eventually made their home on River Road in Dunmore.  During the last few years, due to health issues he resided at the Sits In the Middle Nursing Home.

Emil hunted deer and elk, sometimes on horseback, so his family would have food for themselves and to share with others.  He worked for many years at the Hardin Sugar Factory, Crow Carpet Mills, and the Electronic Factory. In later years he worked as an Adult Education Coordinator, a CHR and was an Executive Advisor until he was placed in the nursing home. He received many awards for his work throughout the years in helping people. 

Emil loved to attend the powwows and loved to dance.  He enjoyed singing at powwows, sun dances and was a member of the Native American Church.  Singing was a way for him to cope with things.  He traveled throughout the western states participating in the Native American Church. He was a “Traditional Man” and participated in arrow throws and handgames. He had a sense of humor and teased the children of the Big Lodge Clan and his sister in laws.  Emil, as a veteran, was asked to lead the Parade Dance at the Annual Crow Fairs. He was also asked to sit at the drum during the daytime dances.  

Preceded in death by his parents Buster and Mildred and Minnie, grandparents Dick and Ida (Wrinkle Face) Day Light, Olive Elk and Tye Crooked Arm, his son Maynard, great grandson Mitchel Chandler Jr, and Bradford Crooked Arm, Jr.; his brothers Andrew and Ronald Little Light, sister Connie Little Light, grandchildren Heather and Kyle Eastman, Byron Little Light, Clinton Old Bull, adopted brother Vernon Bull Coming; his friends JoJo Little Coyote, Robert Pickett, Hartford Black Eagle Sr.

Survivors include his wife Pamela, his children Bemus (Marjean) Big Hair, Alvilene (Joseph) Buffalo Bulltail Jr, Edward (Dorci) Eastman, Margaret Little Light, Rebecca (Mervin) White; his siblings Carol (Sargie) Howe, Lavonne Fitzpatrick, DrewAnn Little Light, Pamela (Billy) Back Bone, Valencia, Carla, Brad (Loretta), Richard (Sharon), Myron (Loreen) Crooked Arm, Corliss (Clinton) Iron, Sophia Left Hand, Beverly Shane, Annabelle White, Grady Hunts the Arrow; his grandchildren Della Stump, Sheldon Big Hair, Mitchell and Andrew Chandler, Zelda Hugs, Jeremy and Tiffany Eastman,  Reggie Flatmouth, Amberly Shigley, Karston Walks Over Ice, Bryce Three Irons, Angelo Jarvis, Baby Pamela Little Light, Elsie Plain Feather and Daniel Old Bull; 38 great grandchildren; one great great granddaughter; his uncles Francis Bear Claw, Ed “Buckday”  and Cornelius Little Light; his aunts Audrey Deputy, Lena Ellabeth and Janice Little Light, Jeannie and Lena Mountain Sheep; his adopted children Colleen (William “Ty”) Bunnell, Simpson (Miranda Shane) Little Light ,Allen,  Delorna Jarvis, Alvina Bulltail, Artie and Jalen Plenty Hawk, Daryl, Dianna, Lori Three Irons, Ramona, Darren, Everett, Mary Howe, Donald X Stewart, Fadilia Brown, Salinda and Lena Bear Eagle, Gloria Cox,  Lanny Real Bird, Solon (Tanya) Moccasin, Barbara Susan Stewart, Carmelia Brown, Jimmy, Julie and Louie Kelly, Julie Wilkinson, Orin Pickett, Susan Iron, Lou Old Coyote, Ivan Morning, Frank Caplett, Mark Little Light;  his adopted Siblings Mary Louise Laforge, Sonny Joe (Johnann) Reed, Nellie (Clyde) Little Light, Byron and Janice Bad Bear, Dwight and Roy Bull Coming, Lucille Other Medicine, Dora Little Light, Clara Martinez, Agatha House, Louetta Wallace, Sammy Hoops, Bonnie Hawk, Adam Singer; his friends Joe Pickett, Richard Real Bird, Kenneth Spint Sr., Grady Hunts the Arrow Shoyas, Elk Shoulders, his extended family include; Little Light, Brown, Crooked Arm, Bad Bear, Little Light and Reshawl from South Dakota, Little Lights from Gleashon, Canada, Scabby Robe from White Swan, Washington, Medicine Hawk from Browning, White Clay, Black Eagle, Pretty Paint, Other Medicine, Old Crane,  Old Crow, Big Hail, Wall, Bad Horse, Passes, White Fox, Laforge, Lincoln, Little Owl, Big Lake and Anderson.  If we have forgotten anyone, please forgive us at this time. The family would like to thank the Billings Clinic ICU staff and especially Dr. Reins. Also the staff at the Sits in the Middle of the Land Facility. 

Funeral services will be held 11:00 am Wednesday August 1st in the Spirit of Life Foursquare Church Crow Agency.  Interment will follow in the Crow Veterans Cemetery.  Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.

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