Amaya Sheyenne Big Lake

Our beloved, Amaya Sheyenne Big Lake of Lodge Grass, Montana received her angel wings on November 12, 2019.  She was born on August 30, 1997 to Amber (Randy) Bright Wings- Morrison and Harold Big Lake.  She was raised by her maternal grandparents, Darrell and Barbara Bright Wings, Sr. She was blessed with two Indian names. Her Indian name “Ashe baaxpaaikaash” (Sees the sacred lodge) was given to her by her grandfather, Leonard Bends and her second name “Alitaache Koon Diilish” (Walking in the Light) by Minerva Tucker.  She was a member of the Big Lodge clan and a child of the Big Lodge. She was a direct descendant of Pretty Shield, Pretty Eagle, Sits Down, Sits in the Middle of the Land, Greybull, Chief Dull Knife and Black Kettle.

Our “Pretty Girl” grew up at her grandparents’ home in Lodge Grass. She attended elementary school in Crow Agency and Wyola, graduating from the 8thgrade as a Wyola Wildcat.  Due to a health condition, she was unable to complete her high school years at Lodge Grass High School.  While in school, she participated in volleyball, basketball, cheerleading and eventually lettered in golf at Lodge Grass High School.  She loved to shop and cruise and was the best big sister always caring for her younger siblings. She loved her baby sister Harley Jo very much.  Amaya was a firm believer in the healing powers of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

She is preceded in death by her great great grandparents Pete and Mary Nora (Passes) Greybull, Ted and Martha (Spotted) Bear Cloud, Francis and Cerise (Hogan) Stewart, Bright Wings and Mariah, Mary and Lester Jefferson, Sr., Edith and James Big Lake; her great grandparents Augustine “Gussie” Hill, Etheline and Donald Dreamer, Henry and Mary Bright Wings, Sr., Walter “Mickey” and Meta (Bear Cloud) Stewart, Sr., Delbert and Judith (Jefferson) Big Lake and her grandfather, James Big Lake.

Survivors include her parents and grandparents, Darrell and Barbara Bright Wings, Sr., Safara Big Lake; siblings Tyrell (Jeanal Shorty) Big Lake, Mitchell Big Lake, NevaeH Lee and Harley Jo, Kiara, Malachi, Solomon and Caleb Bright Wings; her aunts and uncles Barry (Kelly) Bright Wings, Lace (Mike) Pretty Weasel, Michael John Hill, Michael (Laura) Bear Claw, Darrell, Jr., Shanna (Ty) Ten Bear, Leslie (Ervin) Birdinground, Todd Big Lake, Shawn, Josh, and Donald Stewart, Bruce (Brianna) Russell, Jr., Cameron Russell, Mark Denny, Emery (Jade) Three Irons, Augustine (Salina), Dalton Hill, Felicia Mullenberg, Etheline “EJ” (Scott) Ranson, Jordan Mullenberg, Victor Ray (Maureen), Roston Pretty Paint, Waylon Hill,  Valirie Little Owl, LaShon Backbone, Jonathan ( Misty) Bright Wings, Cody (Wade) Gardner, Crystal (Evan) Cummins, Frances (TJ) Altecruse, Henry (Krislyn) Speelman, Jr., Herschel Hill, Jr., Grace (Robert) LaFountian, Gerlinda (Chan) Whiteman, Bobby Jo (Darrin) Old Coyote, Quincy Morrison, Johnna Flatmouth, Magenta Birdinground; her paternal great grandmothers Clarice (Spencer) Denny, Loretta Three Irons, Myra Left Hand, Melissa (Wesley) Falls Down, Connie (Bruce) Russell, Sr., maternal great grandparents Peter (Marella) and Alma Greybull, Beverly (Dennis) Huber, grandparents James and Herschell (Susan) Hill, Mary Mullenberg, Debbie (Harold) Backbone, Janice (Henry) Speelman, Joy Buckley, Clinton (Jennifer) He Does It, Ardith ( Clifford) Birdinground, Glenda Morrison, Jacinta ( Chris) Good Luck, Theo (Jim) Ward, Mamie (Carson) Yellowtail, Rosie (Byron) Bends, Maggie (Harry) Rock Above, Johnny and Junior Stewart, Ronnie (Betty) Big Lake, Dave (Lily) Raymond, Thomas (Tracy), Arnold (Coretta), Calvin (Rebecca) Jefferson, Jr. , Mike (Rita), Clinton Stops, Judy Jefferson, Fray (Victor) Nomee, Junetta (Donald) Gardner, Sheila (Russell) Wallace, Letha (Danny) Gun Shows, Denise Nomee, Evelyn Jefferson, Dorothy North Peigan, Rebecca Stovall, Lydia (Dean) Hill, Jennifer Jefferson, Clemencia Stops, Henry Bright Wings, Jr, Larry (Rhoda) Bright Wings, Henrietta (James) Takes Horse, Maria (Gerald) Pease, Flavina (Kirby) Bromley, Shirleen (Pie) Glenn, Claudia, Rebecca, Ronald (Virjama), and Leon (Lorraine) Flatmouth; her extended families include the Bright Wings, Greybull, Hill, Big Lake, Stewart, Moccasin, Morning, Jefferson, White Hip, Bends, Whiteman, Bear Cloud, Blaine, Dust, Red Star, Covers Up, Old Bull, Howe, Other Medicine, Little Light, Seminole, Wooden Legs, Alden and Big Hair. Amaya was loved by many.  Our family is very large, please accept our apology if in our grief we have forgotten anyone.

Funeral services will be held Monday November 18that 11:00 at the Spirit of Life Foursquare Church in Crow Agency with interment to follow in the Lodge Grass Cemetery.  Bullis Mortuary is entrusted with the arrangements. 

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