Brandon Bulltail

Brandon Scott Scalpcane (Bulltail) was born on January 19, 1977 in Billings, Montana. His Indian name Iishbilitaachiia xiassaash “Well Known Crescent Moon” given to him by the late Dan Old Bull as per the Native American Church beliefs. He was the youngest child of the late Darrell Scalpcane, Sr. and Eva Ann Bulltail and raised by Carol Bulltail. He liked to refer himself as “Handsome”.
Brandon was a member of Ties the Bundle and child of Whistling Water clan. He was baptized as a Catholic and also participated in the Native American Church. Brandon practiced traditional Crow customs and followed the Crow clan system. He attended school in Lodge Grass, Montana. He was very artistic, a hard worker, liked to build sweat, enjoyed hunting and took pride in the work he did for the family.
With the late Ledeana Little Sun, he became a proud father to Brandon, Jr. and a grandpa to two granddaughters. He was living in Billings and was employed at AMS Medical Packaging.
Brandon is preceded in death by his father Darrell Scalpcane, Sr.; maternal grandparents Guy and Margaret Blaine Bulltail and Josephine Gets Down; his paternal grandparents Joseph Curley and Agnes Brien BirdFarAway; his sisters Josephine (Sunshine) and Rowena Gets Down; his brother Guy Bulltail; his aunts Regina Pretty on Top and Rosebud Bulltail; his uncles Robert Bulltail and Joe Blaine and adopted father Ettinge Little Owl.
Brandon is survived by his mother Eva Bulltail (Sampson) and Carol Bulltail; his son Brandon Bulltail (Delaney), his daughter Darlyn; his granddaughters Astraea and June; his brothers Darrell, Jr. and Grant Scalpcane, Simon, Thomas (Elena) and Blaine (Michelle); his sisters Bernice (Kendall) Old Horn, Dara Jean, Valarie (Josh) Springfield and Eva Faith (Zac) Old Horn and Michelle (Neil) White Hip, his paternal grandmother Bertha Freeman, his adopted mother Harriett Little Owl; his aunts Doris Gets Down, Mercedes, Linda, Christine, Diana and Priscilla Freeman and Terra Curley; his uncles Dewey, Wales (Lavern) Bulltail and George Scalpcane, Billford, Tex, Kevin, Terry and Jody Curley; numerous brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews; as well his extended families Blaine, Bulltail, Plenty Hawk, Left Hand, Flat Lip, Brien, Curley, Beartusk, Fredericks and Young Birds of North Dakota. As well as descendants of Goes Well, She Kills and Stripped Dog. Our family is large, and we have many relatives, please accept our apology if we have failed to mention you in our time of grief.

Remembering Brandon…

Amberly remembered during Crow Fair Two Thousand saaweadge… Brandon knocks on Justin and Moody’s front left teepee pole.
Justin: “Who is it?”
Brandon: “Handsome.”
Justin: “Handsome who?” Brandon: “Handsomely delicious”.
Yes, Brandon is our handsome and our hero. He was always ready to help. Anxious to move the family to Teepee Capital of the World. Set up teepees, shade and haul water. When the celebration is over, he is ready to move camp. He enjoyed working hard for his family.
At sweat time he was eager and enjoyed the preparation of building sweat; such as getting wood, building fire and setting up the lodge. What we like the most is a hot sweat to restore our body and minds through prayer for all. He would make sure it would be a good hot one.
But time came for the Creator, whom we answer to, needed Brandon’s help too. So, with loving hands he blessed our Brandon and took him by his side.
Spiritually, our Hero will always be here for us. Helping.

Funeral Service is Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at Our Lady of Loretto Catholic Church in Lodge Grass at 10:00 AM. Burial to follow at the Lodge Grass Cemetery. Rosary Monday, September 23, 2019 at 3:00 PM at the Bullis Funeral Chapel. Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.

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