Chelsea Yellowtail

Chelsea Rae Yellowtail Toineeta, passed away on February 6, 2021. She adored her children Dante’, Winston Blake, Autumn and Ramone Toineeta. She was born in Sheridan, Wyoming on February 19, 1993 a daughter of Dixie Yellowtail and Robin Toineeta. 

She attended elementary school in Ranchester and Sheridan, Wyoming, middle and high school in Billings, Montana.  She earned her GED in Sheridan, Wyoming. She was employed as a laborer at a warehouse. She enjoyed working and was eager to learn new skills was super excited when she learned she was being trained to work the forklift. 

She was a member of Mercy and Grace Ministry. She especially loved making crazy tik-tok and dance videos entertaining and making others laugh. Her most popular video was the COVID video.  She brought life to an empty room but was never afraid to tell you like it is.  She loved all her brothers and sisters and had a special bond with each one of them. She was a jokester and loved playing pranks on others. She recently just got her own place and was so happy and excited to share her new space with those she loved! She adored her children Dante’, Winston Blake, Autumn and Ramone Toineeta. She took all of her nieces and nephews as her own and enjoyed taking them on her crazy adventures. She was also never far from her mother’s side. Chelsea was a dedicated mother to her children and nieces and nephews.  She enjoyed taking them fishing, to the park, and their favorite hangout Chuckie Cheese.  She loved the outdoors fishing and swimming in the river was a highlight for her and her family.  Anyone who knew Chelsea knew there was not a whole lot she was afraid of.  She would take on any job and excel at it. She would have made a great forklift operator. 

Ever since she lost her son, Winston Blake, she was never the same. She longed to be with him again. She frequently visited his grave site and lit balloons in his memory especially on his birthdays. We are sure she is at peace now that she has joined her precious son. It is a comfort to know she is reunited with her son and with her Lord and Savior. 

She is preceded in death by her son, Winston Not Afraid, her grandparents Caroline and David Houston, Eva Lee Yellowtail, Larry Yellowtail, Winona Plenty Hoops, Edwin and Joy Toineeta and her grandfather Fred Bird Hat; her brothers Nicholas Demontiney, Josiah Yellowtail, Aubrey and Tanner Black Eagle; her sisters Sasha, Juliet, Amanda, Audie Toineeta. 

She is survived by her children Dante’, Autumn and Ramone, her parents, Dixie Yellowtail and Robin Toineeta; her auntie/moms Patsy Yellowtail and Kathy (Doug) Paulsen; her uncle/dad Earl Fred BirdHat; her godchildren Jaxen, Jace, Aurora and Eva Ralee Aubree; her grandparents Bernard and Ann Lafountaine, Kenneth Toineeta, Jerome Hugs, Merle Jean Harris, Antonio Pisano, and Steve and Edwina Amyotte;  her brothers Curtis Yellowtail Toineeta and Shane Toineeta, Rudolph, Michael, Solomon and Harrison Demontiney; Jordale Redwolf, Larris (Heather) Malebear, Christopher, Shane, Perry, Elijah Toineeta, brothers-in-law Charles Parks and Briton Big Head; his sisters Lana (Brian) Houston, Eva (Stephen Covington) and Aaliyah Yellowtail, Gini and Samantha Demontiney, Alicia Bad Bear, Christianna, Feydra, Briana, Sharon and Elisha Toineeta, Amber Stone, Francine Pretty Weasel and Jenaya Whiteman; her sister-in-law Airell Bear Quiver; her cousin/sisters Francine Pretty Weasel, Sharon Rose Dallas, Elisha  and Brianna Toineeta and Amica Jefferson; her cousin/brothers Carson Arnoux, Jeremy and Jason Pretty Weasel, Rad Desjarlais, Miclo Flores, Randall Black Eagle, Dylan Black Eagle, Elijah and Perry Toineeta; She shared special bonds with her aunty and uncle Peggy and Jim Demontiney; her aunts and uncles  Patsy Yellowtail, April and Cameron Toineeta Tobacco, Scott and Misty Toineeta, Irene Yellowtail, Aubrey and Cedric Black Eagle, Tammy and Edward Not Afraid, Tony and Georgianne Pisano, Julee and Mary Amyotte, Tonnie and Steven Schwend, Isaiah and Kellie Pisano, Chris and  Mike Pisano, Benji and Karee Takes Horse and Lori Fitzpatrick. 

Her extended family includes the Yellowtail, Toineeta, Not Afraid, Bird Hat, Moccasin, Bends, WhitemanRunsHim and Pisano. She also took many of her friends as family!  We’re sorry if we have forgotten anyone as our family is extremely large. 

Masks are required and only 10 people allowed at a time for Visitation due to COVID-19 regulations.

Visitation is Saturday, February 13, 2021 from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM at the Bullis Funeral Chapel.

Funeral Service is Monday, February 15, 2021 at 2:00 PM at the Bullis Funeral Chapel.

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