Christian Stewart

Christian Jaron Stewart (Indian name, “Red Blanket” given by his great grandfather, Ettings Little Owl), at the age of 21, went to be with the Lord on August 10, 2018.

Christian attended Elementary and High School in Hardin, MT. He loved to hunt and fish with his friends, and loved spending time in the mountains with his dad, Indian. Christian enjoyed playing the acoustic and electric guitar. He loved watching Dragonball Z and cooking for everyone, especially his little sister Rylei. Christian was involved in basketball his sophomore year, involved in football his freshman year and involved in both throughout junior high. He was also a bulldog mascot for one season in high school.

Christian has a kind soul, and was always willing to help anyone no matter who they were. He was always concerned for others, especially his brother Mitchyll. Christian always had a smile on his face and all his teachers loved him. His close friends knew him as, “Crispy”, because of his universal sense of humor.

Christian was a survivor of an aneurysm at the age of nine, and went through brain surgery at the age of ten. Christian is a fighter. When he woke up from surgery he was asking for his mom. It was there where he met a Military soldier, whose child was in there as well. The soldier talked to and calmed Christian down until his mom arrived. This was the reason he wanted to enlist in the military, but due to his medical conditions he was unable to pursue that dream. Now he is a soldier of God.

Christian is survived by his parents: Aaron and Devona Stewart-Leider; his dog: Shadow; his sisters: Harlei, Rylei and Amanda Leider, Stormie Chief Child, Paula, LaRose and Karmaleta Nomee, Maria Five, Noelle WhiteClay and Keisha Old Crane; his brothers: Mitchyll Stewart, Trinity and Leyton Leider, Malachi and Maddox Stewart, O’Shay Birdinground, Indian Leider, Chauney Springfield, Shandon Medicine Horse, Cody Thomas, Goldman Real Bird, Thomas Driftwood, Shapiro American Horse, Harland Brown, Stormy Whiteman, Tyrus (Brandy) Lawton, Trey Rising Sun III, Hunter Flatmouth, Joe Buffalo III, Levi Old Elk Jr., Ty and Aaron Birdinground, Noah and Jona Ten Bear, Brandon Little Owl Jr., Gus Old Bear III, Jericho White Clay, Cory Stops, Tyrell Stewart, Tristen Yellowrobe and Alphonso and Victor Yarlott Jr.; grandparents: Harriet (Clayton) Bad Bear, Preston and Maria Onion, Buster Leider, Darlena Driftwood, Barbara Medicine Horse, Patricia (Bruce) Fritzler, Rhoda (Larry) Brightwings, William (Clarice) Driftwood, Valerie (Tim) Dust, Benito and Marsha Brown, Delmyrna Yarlott, Robert and Rosella Stewart, Oliver and Lucille Yarlott, Aaron and Althea Yarlott, Kenneth (Barbara) Spotted, Oliver (Tori) Half, Olive Yarlott, Gema Stewart, Tina Yarlott, Mary Bonko, Roberta Spotted Horse, Lucille Other Medicine; great-grandparents: Philamine Old Coyote, Nora (Dennis) Big Hair, Ettings (Harriet) Little Owl, Tommy (Linda) Little Owl, David Yarlott, David Stewart, Sr. and Caroline Miller; uncles: Jeremy (Stephanie) Stewart, Elliot (Bertha) Driftwood, Sheldon Driftwood, Spike Medicine Horse, Josh Medicine Horse, Wade (Lorna) Driftwood, Dustin Brightwings, Johnny (Becky) Five, Dale (Rosanna) Crooked Arm, Jimenio Leider, Clay (Nicole) Spotted, David (Susan) Old Elk, Clayton Driftwood, Dominic (Nevessa) Little Owl; aunts: Jolene (Gary) Birdinground, LaRae Driftwood, Gina Medicine Horse, Brianna Brightwings, Susette (Frank) Spang, Carla (Gary) Real Bird, Agnes (Gary) Gardner, Diane (Kennard) Real Bird, Rosella Leider, Virjama (Ronnie) Flatmouth, Velma (McKinley) Sees The Ground and J.J. (Dee) Not Afraid.

Christian is preceded in death by his grandpa: Norman Stewart; his great grandparents: Hazel Little Owl, Arthur and Christine Stewart; Sonya and Patricia Stewart, Jr., Alexander “Percy” Bearcrane Sr., William and Agnes Ceasley-Little Owl, Stephen Driftwood Jr., Eugene and Maude Yarlott, Elsie Leider, Wesley and Victoria Crooked Arm, Frank Red Wolf, Paul and Charlotte Spotted Horse, Tyrone and Linda Ten Bear and Paul Spotted Horse.

Extended family includes: Little Owl, He Does It, Plainfeather, Beaumont, Bird Hat, Medicine Horse, Pretty on Tops, Onion, White Hips, Stops, Bell Rock and family from Canada-Beebe, Fox, Healy, Ceasley Driftwood, Yarlott, Morrison, Old Bear, Old Horn, Decrane, Goes Ahead, Yellowhorn, Alden, Carpenter, Williamson, Not Afraid, Stewart, Bear Below and Horn.

Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.



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