Connie Priscilla Dawes

Connie Priscilla (Wallace) Dawes was born on January 1, 1962, to Willard Wallace and Lula Mae Horse (Wallace) in Crow Agency, Montana.  Her Indian name was Dakaake Shai’sikcha (Early Bird).  Connie was a member of the Peigan Clan and was child of Big Lodge. Her early childhood years were spent in the state of Washington. She was a part of the “Lamanite Placement Program,” of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was there that she completed her elementary education and completed her paralegal at the May Tech.  Connie very much enjoyed playing hymn songs on the piano and was involved in boxing and did ballet in her younger years.  Connie enjoyed beading and was known for her excellent work. She especially enjoyed making cradle boards for her grandchildren. 

Survivors include her husband Greg Dawes; her children Kathryn (Chey) White Clay, Bruce (Michelle) Wolf Black, Duran (Janelle) Little Light, Shyra (Gabby Longoria) Walks and Delvecchio (Debra) Jefferson.  Her twenty-nine grandchildren. She held a special place in her heart for her three granddaughters Danyale Three Irons, Mija Fire Bear and Mariah M. LaForge and grandson Shaynee Little Light.   She was excited to know that Mariah was graduating from Lodge Grass High School. Her siblings include, Violet (Leonard) Wolf Black, Henry (Edith) Wolf Black, Dennis Bull Tail, Joseph (Racheal) Wallace, Cornelious Little Nest, Wilma LaForge and Loetto Wallace and adopted sister Randeen Fitzpatrick. She has always loved all her nieces and nephews. 

She is preceded in death by her parents, Willard and Lula Mae Wallace, Lois Jefferson and Lester Jefferson III. 

Extended Family include Bright Wings, Georgia Horse Family, Anderson, Standsoverbull, Dust, Shane, Lion Show, Takes the Horse, Seestheground and Real Bird families. Please forgive us if we forgot to include you or your family.  

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