Corena Old Elk

 Corena Faye Old Elk, 26, of Garryowen, Montana whose golden heart stopped the early morning of May 12, 2020 she gained her angel wings and went to be with her Lord and Savior. 

 She was born in Crow Agency, Montana to the late Brenda Helen Half and Lyle Old Elk, Sr. on February 16, 1994. She was raised by her grandparents the late Rudolph and Iva (Half) Shane. They took her as their own and she always called them mom and dad. Corena’s Indian name is bakaywachachesh “Outstanding Giver.”  Her name was given to her by her grandmother, Lorena Mae Morning.  Corena is a member of the Piegan Clan and a child of Big Lodge. The baby of her four siblings: Lyle Jr, Tyrone TJ, Misty Rose.

Corena grew up in Garryowen, Montana. Our family was very proud when she was chosen to be a poster child on the billboard for Crest Child Cleanest Teeth. As a child, she was always outside with all her cousins playing kick the can or pretending to scare cars as they drove by. She enjoyed playing basketball outside her home with her brothers and sister.  She used a small basketball to begin with and this improved her shot and made her percentage almost 100%. Everyone loved Corena for that bright smile she gave off and that contagious laugh of hers. She loved horses and Indian Relay especially her brother TJ’s relay team “Curly Relay”. She also loved watching River Road Relay her brother Coty and Velma Pickett-Brown the owner and trainer. Corena made relay attire for her brother’s relay team and “Warman Relay” Owner Robert and Jennifer He Does It.  She spent the majority of her time making sure the family was taken care of properly. She enjoyed taking walks around her home loop and visiting with whoever would walk with her.  Corena absolutely loved her nieces and nephews.  She had a special love and bond for each and everyone one of them. A second mother you would say, Corena once stayed with Jonilynn and Jaylen as they recoverd from surgeries. Corena had a heart for everyone in her life. Corena was a kaala’s girl she went everywhere with her kaala and was always right by her side. Corena affectionally always said Kaala Carlotta Half was her best friend.

   Corena’s early education began at the Crow Tribal Head Start. Her attended Pretty Eagle Catholic School and graduated from the eighth grade year with honors being one of only three students chosen. While attending Pretty Eagle, she played sports and excelled in many areas especially in art. Art was a passion for Corena. Two of her paintings have been hung in the  Yellowstone Art Museum. Corena went to Hardin High School and graduated 2012. While in high school, she and her best friend the late Tessi Stewart won an art painting contest. Corina attended Little Big Horn College and received her Associate’s in Business Management in 2014.  She continued her education at MSU Billings pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. She was a very intelligent young woman and never once gave up on anything she set her mind to.

   Corena is proceeded in death by her mother Brenda Half; her great grandparents Clinton Robert He Does It Sr., Lorena Mae Morning, Robert Half Sr., Duane and Darlene Bixby, Mary Hoops On The Forehead, Garland and Monty Ann Iron, Victor Morning, Robert Morning, Sr. , Benny Morning, Rita Snell, Sadie PlainFeather, Laura He Does It, Maggie Pickett, Sharon Old Elk, Dora Rides Horse, Dan Old Elk, Andrew Old Elk, Evelyn Old Elk, George Old Elk, Sr., her grandfather/Dad Rudolph Shane Sr., grandparents Elsie Pretty Paint, Gen Isaac and Mary Jane Bird In Ground, Ruby Half, Robert Jr., Etting Sr., Jasper Sr., Frank “Poncho” Sr., Danny Boy Half, Arnold Coyote Runs, Baby Marie Half; her  aunties and uncles Janet Old Elk, Roberta Old Elk Crystal Williamson, Faralee Williamson, Sethalee Little Owl, Tiffany Rhoel, Gladys Takes Horse, Frank Joey Half, Wesley Old Elk, Lauren Old Elk;  her brothers Uttekaat Bird In Ground, Rocko Nomee, Steven Old Elk; her sister/best friend Tessi Stewart.  

           Corena is survived by her grandmother/Momma Cordelia Iva Half-Shane; her brothers Tyrone Old Elk, Lyle Old Elk, Jr., Joshua Howell (Bridgette) Long Tail, Cole Cash (Carmel Half) Coty (Velma) Brown, Crawford BirdInGround, Spike. (Amanda) Birdinground, Jasper (Fantasia) Jr., Jess (MaryLou), and Chico(Zandee) Half, Victor Bull Shows, Judici Williamson, Arron (Daralynn) Old Elk; her  sisters  Misty (Johnny) Champ, Rayna Mae Long Tail, Roberta Birdinground, Gabriell (Nick Real Bird) Little Owl, Heidi (Chester Alden) Little Owl, Charla Half, Candace (Johnny Small)Birdinground, Blossum (Calvin) Birdinground, Bobbie Big Lake, Delia, Hollis and Bonnie Blake, Aletha and Mamie Morsette, Frankee,  Lindsey, Deviny and  Macy Door, Hannah Mae, Sarah, Zoey, RaeAnna, Raelee, Olive Shane; her brothers Rudolph Tristen III, Robert and Rudy Shane; her  aunties and uncles Jennifer (Robert) He Does It,  Amelia House, Gina (Alex) Reed, Rebecca Bird In Ground, Christina (Rueben Spotted Horse) Turns Plenty, Mike Shane, Ivy Rose Bird In Ground, Laura (Mike Bear Claw) Jolena , and Wesley He Does It, Karen Jean Yarlott, Kim (Ralph Chavez) Yarlott, Alvin (Latonne) Yarlott, Becky (Albert) Gros Ventre, Heather, Tate, Ty, Zachery (Marcia) Wilson,  Allison Bird In Ground,  Abram, Sabrena Half, Amy (Tom) Yellow Tail.

 Georgiann Old Elk, Twila (Howard) Old Chief, Julane (Robert Morning Jr.) Old Elk, Shannon (Kyle Roth) Old Elk, Esley ( LisaTyler) Left Hand, Nicole, Tawny Half, Dalaney (Bryndon) Rogers, Abram, Sabrena, Nancy, Danette (Chris Horn) Half, Anita(Chad) Little Head, Toni-Lynn Arcorn, Joni, Monte (Brianna) Half-RidesTheBear, Tawny (TJ) Reed, Stacy (Patrick) Alden, Etting, Racina, Precina Half, Priscilla (Antonio) Ramirez, Clint, Rena Half, Blossom( Calvin) BirdinGround,  her grand Parents Greg(Dorcella) Half, Carlotta Half, Michelle Cadena Fog In The Morning, Sharon ( Roger) Rhoel, Nicole Cadena, Annie (George) Couture, John Jr., Donovan (June) Bull In Sight, Elsie Half, Pansy Williamson, Melvina Dawes, Melva (Ray) Iron, Lori Ann, Brenda, Jeanne, Clyde, Victor Sr. Pretty Paint,  Sandy, Mary Medicine Horse, Donna Jean Jefferson, Geraldine Schinderline,  Great Grand Parents, Carol(John BullinSight and Carlene Old Elk. 

 Her babies she cherished that she would go above and beyond for them Mia Rae Little Light, Braelynn Long Tail, Jaylen, Maggie, Jonilynn Brenna, Daniel He Does It, Lyle, III, Cayla, Bradly and Brook Old Elk.

  Extended Family include the Morning, Half, Long Tail, Old Elk, Takes Gun, Fog In The Morning, Snells, Good Luck, Black Hawk, Bull Tail, Dancing Bull, Jackson, Hawks, Hoops On The Forehead, WhitemanRunHim, Hunts Arrow, House, Bear Crane, RoundFace, Smart Enemy, Rides Horse, Not Afraid, Bull Chief, Denny, Stump, Old Coyote, Old Crow, Old Horn, Standing Rock, Pretty Paint, Moccasin, Big Man, Wallace, Real Bird, Walks, He Does It, Little Owl, Howe, Alden and Black Eagle. Our Family is Large, If we have missed you, please accept our apology in our time of grief.

Viewing will be Saturday 10:00 am at the Bullis Funeral Chapel with graveside services and committal at 1:00 p.m. at the Crow Agency Cemetery. Bullis Mortuary is entrusted with arrangements.

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