Dylan “Tanner” Black Eagle

Dylan “Tanner” Black Eagle (Awaxaawe Heelen Baaitchilash) Blessed in the Mountains, was born March 25, 1994 in Billings Montana at St. Vincent Hospital. He passed away Friday August 9th, 2019. He was given his Indian name by his Grandfather Cedric Black Eagle. He was a member of the Greasy Mouth clan, child of the Greasy Mouth, and a member of the Night Hawk Society.
Tanner was preceded in death by his maternal great grandparents, Simon and Annie Plenty Good Old Crow, Clark Stops and Fannie Other Blackbird, his grandfather Ross (Owen) Old Crow, his aunt Starla Old Crow Fitzpatrick and aunt Stephanie Kaye Pretty Weasel, his uncle Nathan Neal Old Crow. His paternal great grandfather Hartford (Sonny) Black Eagle, his great-great grandmother Winona Yellowtail Plentyhoops, grandparents Edwin and Joy Toineeta, great-great-great grandparents Antonio Ramon Pisano and Genevieve Pease, his aunty Marilyn Florene Black Eagle, his uncle Wesley Langdon Toineeta, his uncle and best friend Aubrey Elias Black Eagle Sr.
As a young boy he grew up in the Wolf Mountains off of Grey Blanket Road. He received his education in Billings, MT from grade school through high school and graduated from Billings Central in 2013. He went on to attend Little Bighorn College. He worked for the United Parcel Service and later went on to receive his certification as a Licensed Water Operator, running the water plant for the Crow Tribe and recently working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He was very passionate about his work career and loved the work he did. Tanner was instrumental in the upgrade of the Crow Water Plant. He spent a great deal of time traveling the Crow Reservation checking on water systems. He was offered many job opportunities to work elsewhere with higher pay, but remained dedicated and loyal to the Crow Water Plant and to provide safe drinking water to the Crow people.
He met the love of his life Ashlee Rose Passes in 2017. They were recently engaged and scheduled to be married on June 27, 2020. He loved and enjoyed his little bashiis, Brodie and Drake his sister-in-law Katelynn Passes. They made their home in Billings MT.
Tanner was a family man and enjoyed being around family. He was an only child to his mom and dad and took his cousins as brothers and sisters. He had an infectious and warm smile that everyone loved. Many people who met Tanner would tell his parents what a courteous and respectful young man he was. He greeted everyone with a hug or strong hand shake. Most of his mom and dad’s friends called him “nephew”. He was believer in his traditional ways and attended peyote meetings with his grandfather Cedric. He enjoyed teasing and harassing his many brothers and sisters every chance he got. He had many good friends growing up in Billings, including his traveling basketball teammates of the Billings Bulls, in particular Matthew Fuhrman and Daine Muller. He loved to spend time in the Wolf Mountains with his late uncle Aubrey Black Eagle, Sr. playing paintball and fishing for trout on the Little Horn River. He enjoyed golfing and watching UFC fights (his favorite was Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin) with his dad and uncles. He listened to National politics and always throwing in his opinion, he had XM radio in his car and only listened to News Talk Radio and CNN. When Bernie Sanders announced his run for President of the United States he immediately sent him a contribution of $25. His Grandparents Sonny and Mary Black Eagle adopted Barrack Obama when he was then Senator Obama, in Crow Agency and Tanner later attended the inauguration for Barrack Obama’s first presidency in 2008 in Washington D.C.
Tanner is survived by his fiancé Ashlee Rose Passes, his parents Dylan (Cora Chandler) Black Eagle, Lucinda (Amigo Jefferson) Old Crow, his parent in-laws Brenden and Melissa Passes, his siblings Grayson Black Eagle, Luke Old Crow, Anika Chandler, Mikayla, Tavian, Tysa Jefferson, and his maternal grandmothers Kathryn Stops at Pretty Places-Old Crow, Joy Matt, Violet Enick, Pam Little Light, Martha (Richard) King, Sharon Rides Horse, Sheila Rides Horse, Leita Rides Horse and Dolly Not Afraid, his maternal grandfathers Newton Old Crow, Sr., Francis Bear Claw, Melvin Stops, Gary (Luvenia) Rides Horse and Quintin Rides Horse, his paternal great grandmother Mary Black Eagle, his great grandparents Bernard and Ann Lafountain, his great- grandparents, Kenneth Toineeta, Jerome Hugs, Raymond Pisano, Edwina (Steve) Amyotte, Teresa Mock, Merle Jean Harris, his grandparents Cedric and Audrey Black Eagle, paternal grand fathers, Robin Toineeta, Scott (Misty) Toineeta, Hartford (Dina) Black Eagle, Lagrant (Bertha) Black Eagle, Bradford (Billie Kay) Black Eagle and paternal grand aunts April (Cameron Tobacco) Toineeta, Mary Ruth (Danny) Plainfeather, Kathleen Dawes, Tina Black Eagle, his uncles, Preston (Evaline) Old Crow, John Chief Child, Randall (Bobbi Jo Favel) Black Eagle, Levi (Brocade) Black Eagle, Larris (Heather Beaumont) Malebear, John Lei (Carla) his aunts Mikki (George) Riddle, Adora (A.J.) Turnsplenty, Felicia (Lane) Schenderline, Yolanda (Chester) Turnsplenty Sr, his sister cousins, Angie, Azurene, Chezirae, Linea, Lorraine, Erica and Monica Turnsplenty, Marina (Mikey Christian) Fitzpatrick, Molly (Sergio) Trocha, Amy (Brent) Peterson, Jovonne Decrane, Courtney (Joey Gutierrez) Old Crow, Randa (Jeremy Deputee) Black Eagle, Lanie (Tom, Jr.) Whiteclay, Meena (Turell) Black Eagle, Brittany (Lance Shane) Iron, Elizabeth Black Eagle, O’ Ceilly Sky Black Eagle, Kamiya Black Eagle and Joyce Pretty Weasel. His brother cousins Aaron, Timothy, Seth, Darrell, Derek, Falin, Gordon, Chester,Jr., Sean and Todd Turnsplenty, Solon (Molly) and Wilbur Fitzpatrick, Jesse (Tylynn), Kasey, Cody (Cara) and Corey Old Crow, Aubrey Black Eagle, Jr., Beau Black Eagle, Sonny Langdon Black Eagle, Scotty Josh Black Eagle, Raphael Rides Horse, Miclo Flores, Danger Black Eagle, Rivers Black Eagle, Crimson Black Eagle, Brewster Pretty On Top, Josh Gust, Ronnie Fisher, Machiah Not Afraid and Mike He Crow, Jr.
He was a direct descendant of Chief Old Crow and Plenty Coups, his families include Otter Stays in the water, Yellowmule, Brass, Star-Black Hawk, Stops at Pretty Places, Plainfeather, Old Crane, Bear Crane, White Clay, Spotted Horse, Margaret Stewart Family, Finds All, Bird Hat, Decrane, Bulltails, Goes Well, Birdie Over the Ground, Comes Up. Yellowtail, Pease, Pisano, Lafountain, Hugs, Toineeta, Pierre Duchein descendants, Walks Over Ice, Fitzpatricks, Sarah High Nose-Stewart family, Mornings, House, Bear Claw, Calvin Jefferson Sr. family, Other Medicines, Pretty Paint, Pickett, Yarlott, Morrison, Black Hawks, and Medicine Horse. Tanner loved and respected his many brother-in- law’s.
His special Friends: Sean Porter, Isaiah Red Wolf, Wyatt Not Afraid, Dustin Little Owl, Luke Daly, Neal Naik, Lee & Jason Michalsky, Tom Hall, Jeff Wilson, RATES, Barbara Berkland, EPA, IHS Engineers: Quentin Allen, Jason Schneider, James Courtney, Jim White. Josh Javalero, BIA, Justiss Kelly, Tanner had many friends.
The family of Tanner Black Eagle and his fiancée, Ashlee wish to thank all who brought food, drinks, monetary donations, preparing the gravesite area, Pendleton’s and most importantly the prayers that have kept our family standing, please forgive if we have missed anyone in our grief.
Funeral Service Wednesday August 14, 2019 at 11:00 AM at the Spirit of Life Foursquare Church in Crow Agency. Burial will follow at the Black Eagle Family Cemetery on Grey Blanket Road in Lodge Grass, MT. Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.

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