Eleanor May White Fox

Eleanor May White Fox, age 93, went to the Other Side of Camp on June 20, 2020.  She was a member of the Whistling Water clan and a child of the Big Lodge clan.  She was a decedent of Bulls Eye, a River Crow Chief and Wolf Bow, a Mountain Crow Chief.

Eleanor was a member of the Native American Church, until her father George White Fox was converted into the Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints Church.

Our Heavenly Father saw that Eleanor was getting tired.  He called her name and took hold of her hand and took her to a beautiful place where all her loved ones were waiting to welcome her home.

Eleanor was born in October 5, 1926 to George and Nettie (White Clay) White Fox in Crow Agency, Montana. She received her education at the Crow School.

She lived a long life, long enough to see many amazing changes around her; the simple life with her family, listening to the radio at home for entertainment and hearing what was going on in the world.  She really enjoyed listening to music.  In the 50’s Eleanor’s parents bought her a Victrola record player and she played 78 records of Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb, Patsy Cline, Red Foley, Warren Bear Cloud’s Indian songs and many other tunes. The next big adventure was when black and white television came out.  That was a big thing for Eleanor.  She was in awe being able to witness the simple things of life evolving into a whole new world of technology that opened up to her.  Even seeing men walking on the moon.  Eleanor also saw her children and grandchildren grow into adulthood.  She enjoyed going on car rides to see everything around her.  In the 60’s, Veda and her dad, Wallace, used to take Eleanor and Nettie to the Hardin Harriet Theater for Friday night movies.  They enjoyed teen flicks, popcorn, pop and candy.  Those moments were a great treat that they all looked forward to.  

Eleanor was the family matriarch.  Seeing her made us feel a strong connection to her, which in turn, gave us a sense of security, strength and bonding.  She had a quiet disposition, but she could surprise us and be very humorous at times.  Her radiant smile lit up the room and was contagious.  She surely will be missed by her loved ones.  She was a blessing to the family and filled our hearts with love and joy.

Eleanor is preceded in death by her parents; George and Nettie (White Clay) White Fox, her siblings; Raymond, Austin, Naomi, Marianne and Elizabeth;  her sons Leland Little Wolf and Laramie White Fox; her grandson Terry Little Wolf and her granddaughter Tahlia Monay LaForge.

Eleanor is survived by her children; Melanie Little Wolf, George (Benedicta) Little Wolf, Jr., Evangeline Pryor, Veda (Greg) Rodriguez, Colleen Old Elk and Lori White Fox.  She is also survived by her 55+ grandchildren who held a special place in her heart, including; Jolene White Clay, Agatha House, Loettal Wallace, Berva Chandler, Veronica White Clay, Clarice Denny, Loretta Big Lake, Myra Left Hand, Marie Lincoln, Lois White Hip, Rose Mary Lincoln, Joyce, Francine, Debbie, Sherry  and Mary LaForge, Claudia White Clay, Rebecca White Clay, Tommy, Joe, Dickie , Buzzy, Clinton, Franklin White Clay, Patsy Yellowtail, Clara Joe and  Rachel Wallace, Wayne and Michael LaForge, and her family includes; the White Clay, Pretty Paint, Dawes, Big Lake, Lincoln, Old Crow, Spotted Horse, Mountain Sheep, Pretty Weasel, Stray Calf, Big Day, Bear Cloud, Morrison and Deputee families.  Her Fort Belknap family includes; the Bradley, Shortman, Stiffarm and Capture families.  In North Dakota, her family includes; the Stevenson, Fredericks and Fox families.  Our family is very large, please forgive us if we have forgotten anyone in our grief. 

A graveside service will be held on Wednesday, June 24th at 10:00 AM at Fairview Cemetery in Hardin.

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