Frank Joey Half, Jr.

Frank Joey Half, Jr. was born to Frank P. Half, Sr. and Makalia Gutierrez on April 15, 1987 in Crow Agency. Joey began his journey to the other side camp, November 4, 2017.  Baahaaiilen bauneecheesh “Speaks well among all people” was bestowed upon him by the late Hugh Little Owl.  A name that was true to his nature as he always greeted and exchanged good words with others. This name was a blessing for him as he gained many friends and family that got to see his wonderful smile. Baahaaiilen bauneecheesh belonged to the Big Lodge and a child of the Peigan Clans.  He followed his own spiritual paths in the Crow and Lakota Sun dances, sweat lodge and Native American Church, participating in many ceremonial gatherings.  At an early age, he started dancing in the Lakota style Sun dance with this family in Crow Agency.  Joey was raised in Crow Agency and Benteen areas with his grandparents Myrna and Ivan Wilson.  He came from a large family and were instrumental in his childhood experiences from the Medicine Horse and Half families.  He was an avid horseman, along with his love for fishing, hunting and cooking.  It wasn’t unusual for him to cook for his little sisters, nieces and nephews at family gatherings, grilling for them. He worked various construction jobs, firefighting and just recently was employed at Buffalo Wild Wings in Billings.  Joey went to school in Crow Agency, Hardin, St. Labre and received his GED at Kicking Horse Job Corp.  After his success at Kicking Horse he stayed in the area and attended Salish Kootenai College studying and graduated with his certification in Heavy Equipment CDL operator.

He was preceded in death by his father Frank, Sr. and the late Donald Medicine Horse, Sr. who had an extra special relationship more as a father figure to him. He had many people who have passed on from both sides of his family who were special to him.  They all loved Joey.

He is survived by his mother Makalia Gutierrez; his sisters Anita (Chad) Little Head, Nicole Half, Chelsea Pretty Paint, Alexis and Katerina Morrison and Renae Mae Half, his brother Clint Corey Half; his nephews Jarvis Door and Paco Little Head; his nieces Lindsey (Randy) Enemy Hunter, Deveny and Macy Door, Angel and Shikira Little Head, his grandsons Zachariah and McKennah Enemy Hunter. 

The extended family members are the grandfathers Larson (Patti) Medicine Horse, Morton (Bertha) Other Bull, Tyler (Veronica)  Medicine Horse, Ivan Wilson, Harold (Roann), Michael (Leah) and Elmer (Christina) Hill, John (Carol) Bullinsight, George (Edith) Reed, Sammy (Marjorie) Hoops, Art (Annabelle) Alden, Joseph (Lorraine) Bear Cloud, Joe Bear Crane, Bruce (Agatha) House, Raymond House, Melvin and Gary Pretty Paint, Raymond Other Bull and Dennis (Nora) Big Hair; great grandmother Caroline Morrison Miller; grandmothers Myrna Dawes, Deanna LaForge, Janice Medicine Horse, Agnes, Tina and Racheal Hill, Alma (Henry) Real Bird and Rebecca (Wes) Stops; uncles Ben (Victoria) Cloud, Joseph Gutierrez, Chris, Frankie and Troy Cloud, John (Heather) and Mark Perez, Daryl Big Hair,  Burdick (Billie) Two Leggin, Jeff (Dee), and Donald Medicine Horse, Jr., George Little Wolf, Frank Caplett, Kenny Ward, Greg (Dorcella) Half, Jerome (Kathy) Dancing Bull, Zeke Jackson, George and Zeus Jackson from North Dakota, Harvest White, Paul (Sarah) Medicine Horse, Thomas (Jodi) Medicine Horse, Lawrence Big Hair, Marlin (Reva) Not Afraid, Garland Not Afraid and Eric (Casey) Birdinground; his aunts Iva (Rudolph) Shane, Mary Jane Birdinground, Carlotta Half, Theo Hill, Angie (Jason) Louis, Elsie Half, Diane Russell, Francine Not Afraid, Danelle Big Hair, Deneen (AJ) Not Afraid, Elizabeth Medicine Horse, Inez Smart and Marjean (Bemus) Big Hair; his brothers Robert (Suzanne)  and Vernon Tillman, Jay Armajo, Darrell Underwood, Noel and Son Son Two Leggins, Garrett Door, Jr., Spike Birdinground, Lyle and TJ Old Elk, Jeff and Jess Holds, Chico Half, Marlin Medicine Horse, Wesley Underwood, Spud, Deej, Thomas (Charla), Tifton, Tyler and Talon Medicine Horse, Gabriel, Aramis and Lukas Cloud, Thomas and Justin Medicine Horse, Marlee, Duston and Josiah Gutierrez; his sisters Misty, Jaylan and Elisha Louie, Calley (Byron) Cloud, Krissy  (Edwin) Quinores, Heidi and Misty Amyotte, Delray (George) Elk Shoulder, Susan Medicine, Dominica, Shandi and Myrna Medicine Horse, Lily and Letha Cloud, Michealyn and Chrystal Tillman.  Families include Iron Man, Hays, Morning, Half, Snell, Little Owl, Crooked Arm, Medicine Horse, Cloud, Fighter, He Does It, Hoops, Big Man, Real Bird, Mocccasin, Gutierrez, Perez, Wall, Turns Plenty, Hill, Bull Tail, Smart Enemy, Plain Feather, BigHail, Black Eagle, Harold Stone Family, Helen Hoops Family, Not Afraid, Two Leggin, Big Hair, Armajo, Louie, Walks, Buffalo, Two Dog and Bends.

Our family is large, if we have forgotten anyone, please except our apology.  Thank you for your compassion at this time.  Funeral services will be Nov. 9, 2017 at 1:00 PM at the Multi-Purpose Building in Crow Agency and burial will follow in the Crow Agency Cemetery.

4 thoughts on “Frank Joey Half, Jr.

  • November 11, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    Rest in peace brother I love you utill we meet again… Love your sister, . Anita

  • November 14, 2017 at 3:08 pm

    Peace and Goodness upon you always little brother as you travel to the other side of the camp. Prayers, Makes Cry Woman.

  • November 21, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Always in my heart son….soo many things left unsaid to you….have a good journey home Joey .
    Your dad will be soo happy to see you
    Love Mom

  • December 22, 2017 at 8:26 am

    I will miss your smile every day Joey, Kaale will always have you in her heart,

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