Gladys Takes Horse

Gladys Babe Takes Horse, 52 of Hardin, Montana passed away Thursday, January 30, 2020.

Gladys was born February 1, 1967 in Crow Agency, Montana to Marvin Takes Horse, Sr. & Senora Williamson. She was a member of the Piegan Clan and a child of the Whistling Water. 

Gladys was raised in Crow Agency, Montana. She attended many schools and Graduated from St, Labre Catholic Indian School in Ashland, Montana in 1985. She attended United Tribes Technical College in North Dakota for Business.

Gladys worked at many jobs including the Crow Northern Cheyenne Hospital as a Medical Records Clerk and Head Security and Switchboard Operator until her medical retirement.

She is preceded in death by her father Marvin Takes Horse, Sr.; grandparents Dexter & Lorraine Morrison Williamson, Jr., Clark & Elreno Venne Takes Horse, Grandmother Delores Lion Shows; a brother Marvin ‘Chico’ Takes Horse, Jr. and step dad whom she loved Jim Tushka, Sr. 

She is survived by her mother Senora Tushka; sons Calvin (Gerylynn) & Casey (Erica) Leider and Cody (Keilee) Big Hair, Sr., Cdale (Alethia) Takes Horse; daughter Tammy (Robin) Big Man Stadnick, and she loved all her nephews and nieces. Special friend George Little Little, Sr.; eight grandchildren;  her brothers Al (Eunice) Takes Horse, Sr., Elmer Dean (Annie) Buffalo, Ron Williamson, Sr., Morris (Cecilia) Big Lake, Benjamin (Emily) Big Man, Jr., Dale (Christine) Good Luck, Jon Gary Old Elk, Dee, Barry, Danial Bad Bear, Leon Old Elk, Roger (Kayleen) Red Wolf and Jimmy Tushka, Jr.; sisters Lavern Takes Horse, Loretta Birdinground, Melveen (Vernon) Fisher, Alfetta (Henry) Reed, Loretta (Mike) Good Luck, Glennette (Orrin) Alden, Gloria (George) Old Elk, III., Janet (Elton) Back Bone, Maria Big Lake, Tara (Conrad) Stewart, Olivia Williamson, Trudy Old Crane, Luann Vogel, Blue Sky “Lawrence” Big Hair, Sr., Lynn Tushka, Kayleen Little Light, Anita (Dwayne) Bull Chief, Mikki (George) Riddle, Jewel (Vincent) Crooked Arm and Jaunita (Conrad)Yellowmule; grandmother Caroline Mountain Sheep; aunts Lavern (Tronson) Big Hair, Olive Yarlott, Ruby, Pansy Williamson, Crystal (Danial) Takes Enemy, Georgia Bad Bear, Joan Rock Above, Alice (Grady Hunts Arrow, Marlene (Dwight) Stewart, Lucy, Karen, Karolyn, Sarah Mae (Marchelle) Takes Horse, Dorothy (Brian) St. Peirre, Bernadette (Jiggs) Charette, Alberta (Marvin) Wall, Nancy Sleeper, Shirley (Joe) Kristufek and Beldine Laforge; uncles Clifford (Sandy), William (Gwen), Dennis (Brenda), James (Henriatta), Samuel, Franklin Takes Horse, David Bad Bear, Demetrio Hernandez, Tommy (Mildred) Carpenter, Ronald (Clariss) Medicine Crow, Robert (Arleen) Fitch, Haywood (Mary Lou) Big Day, Paul Morning and Thomas Laforge; her extended family Takes Horse, Williamson, Morrison, Lion Shows, Venne, Falls Down, Not Afraid, Yarlott, Carpenter, Medicine Crow, late Edward Whiteman, Sr. family, Bear Ground, Anderson, Old Horn, Hugs, Irons, Humphery, Dust, Shane, Birdinground, Laforge, Goes Ahead, Bull Chief, Other Medicine, Alden, DeCrane, Pretty Paint, Rock Above, Big Day, Pease, Hogan, Costa Yellowmule, Tushka. Our family is large, and we have many relatives, please accept our apology if we have failed to mention you in our time of grief.

Gladys Takes Horse funeral service is Thursday February 6 at 11:00 at the Bullis Funeral Chapel in Hardin. Burial will follow at the Crow Agency Cemetery.

Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.

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