Gordon Sees the Ground

Gordon Michael Sees the Ground, Jr.

Dizzy Dean

Xáx Aatchilash (Fortunate For Golden Eagle)

May 18, 1960 ­– September 12, 2020

A young boy was born to Shirley Jean (Old Horn) and Gordon Michael Sees the Ground, Sr., in the spring of 1960. This young man was born into the clan of his mother Shirley, the Whistling Water and became a child of his father’s clan, the Whistling Water. This boy was named Gordon Michael Sees the Ground, Jr.

He was baptized in the Catholic Church as a young boy and was a life long member of this religion.

Many knew Gordon as ‘Dizzy Dean’ a nickname that was given him by his maternal grandfather, Allen Old Horn. The original Dizzy Dean was a sportscaster on TV, announcing baseball games that were televised by NBC. This man was a member of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team and later on became the sportscaster.

Many knew Dizzy Dean as a person that was handicapped, with his left leg injured by a doctor’s needle. This injury he endured throughout his life, walking with a brace. This handicap did not stop him from taking part in some activities enjoyed by young men of his age. He would dance fully dressed in Crow Style and enjoy himself during these winter holiday dances at the Round Hall. This handicap did not keep him from riding horseback. He had a paint horse that he loved to ride and come Crow Fair time or times when he wanted to ride, here he would come on the Sorrel Paint he named Indian.

Dizzy Dean started his schooling at Crow School up to the fourth grade. He then transferred to Pretty Eagle Catholic School where he completed eighth grade and received a certificate of completion. He went on to Hardin High School and graduated in 1980. During these early years, Dizzy Dean did not let the handicap keep him from helping with any kind of work the family was undertaking. He would do all he could to help.

Gordon “Dizzy Dean” is one of those guessers in handgame that became champions in the annual Jr and Sr handgame tournaments. He was main guesser with his brother, John House and this team of guessers took their Black Lodge Tigers Jrs. to the Championship game and became the champions for the Jr division.

As he reached the age of 30, the cutoff age for the Jr division, he was also designated as guesser for the same Black Lodge Sr. team. The team member guessers he played the game with were also good guessers and they went onto become champions. Dizzy Dean had the distinction of being a champion guesser in Jr and Sr Division in the annual handgame tournament. 

Gordon further his education at Little Big Horn College at Crow Agency. He completed education requirements and received an Associate Degree from LBHC. 

Gordon went on to school at Haskell where he met a lady by the name of Marlene Begay and this lady became the wife of Dizzy Dean. They were married in Sheridan, Wyo., July 9, 1984. Gordon and Marlene have a son, Jonathon.

Gordon took part in Crow traditional ceremonies and those shared by Oklahoma tribes, the Peyote Religion. He also took part in and helped with Sundances, the one prayer ceremony given the Crow People by some Eastern Shoshone men, John Trujillo, Tilton West and others. 

Gordon Dizzy Dean lived to be 60 years of age, enjoying many activities that he took part in. He passed onto the hereafter, called the Big Camp on the other side  on September 12, 2020.

Dizzy Dean was preceded in death by his mother Shirley Jean and his father Gordon Michael Sees the Ground; his older sister, sister Lucy Mae, Dessie Shirleen Old Horn, his paternal grandparents, Amos and Laura Stewart Sees the Ground, his maternal grandparents, Allen and Susie Old Coyote Old Horn. He was also preceded in death by three of his brothers-in-law, Ricardo, Fernando and Lee Begay, Jr. and mother in law Marie Begay.

Survivors include his wife of 36 years, Marlene, his son Jonathon, brother Gilford Sees the Ground, numerous aunts and uncles on both sides of his family; his brothers-in-law, Lloyd B, Leo, Leland and Larry Begay; his sisters-in-law Lydia, Lorilene Begay. He is also survived by his father-in-law Lee Begay and his wife Lucy.

He had many relatives on both sides of his parents’ families including numerous cousins, nephews and nieces.  We have named a few of the relatives on one side of the family. There are many Crow families that Dizzy Dean was related to. All of your kind gestures and prayers are greatly appreciated.

Visitation will be today Wednesday at the Bullis Funeral Chapel

from 1-4PM. Only 10 people at a time for visitation and wear

a mask at all times.

Final graveside service is Thursday, September 17 at 10:00 AM at the Fairview Cemetery, where interment will take place.

Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.

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