Gus Guy Old Bear Jr.

Gus Guy Old Bear JR, of Crow Agency went to the other side of the camp July 27, 2020. He was born July 21, 1953 in Crow Agency. Gus was raised in the Benteen flats by his parents Gus and Annie (Long Sioux) Old Bear. Sr. He was enrolled member of the Crow Tribe and was a member Big Lodge Clan. Gus Attended Lodge Grass High School and graduated in 1972, He currently worked at the Multipurpose Building as a Security Officer. He held various jobs with the Crow Tribe.

Gus is preceded in death by his parents Gus and Annie Old Bear Sr. his grandparents Ned and Monica (Chief at Night) Old Bear, Harry (Alice Blackee) Long Soiux, Hertbert, Philip, Lena, Rose Old Bear. his uncles Fred, Arthur, Charles, Warren Old Bear, Elmer Sr, Eugene and Victor Yarlott, his aunts Jessie, Agnes, and Louise Old Bear, Louise Fisher, Marietha Charette and Roseline Morrison, His brothers Edward Sr, Stephen, Loris, Bert Old Bear. His sisters Elretta Parker, Gustine Old Bear.

He is survived by his sons, Dean, Aaron Old Bear of South Dakota, Gus Old Bear III of Great Falls MT, Joseph Old Bear his daughters Karlita (Deann) Old Bear of Denver Colorado and Josephine Old Bear. His sister Effie (Paul) Beartracks, his brothers David, Lee (Mary) Old Bear, Vincent Paker.

His extended family includes the Yarlotts, Morrisons, Wilsons, Hogans, Old Coyotes, Bear Clouds, Big Hair, Knows his Gun, Smart Enemy, Kindness, Two Moons, Rising Suns and Long Sioux, All Runner families. Please accept our apologies if we have missed you in our time of grief.

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