Ignatius Dae’rie Lovato-Jefferson

Ignatius Dae’rie Lovato-Jefferson

Upon spending his first and final Christmas with his Mom, Poppa, Brothers & sister, Ignatius Dae’rie Lovato 51 days, of rural Lodge Grass departed this world on December 25, 2017 in his mothers arms. It is with great comfort to the family that he was lovingly greeted by his Kaalé Dara Lovato, Grandpa Bernard Jefferson Sr., Great grandpas Carmen Lovato Sr., Maurice Mountainsheep Sr., Belo Alden, Wayne Smells, Great grandmas, Genevieve Old Bull-Smells, Mary Jane Lovato, Theresa Haun, Marissa Mountainsheep, Aunt Molly JoVi Smells and numerous other family members whom will be happy to receive and care for him.

Ignatius Dae’rie Lovato, named after his Poppa Joe and Kaalé Dara, was lovingly welcomed on November 4, 2017 in Billings, a son of Jolynn Lovato and William Paul Jefferson. Ignatius was a member of the Piegan clan and a child of the Piegan clan. In the small amount of time he spent with us he enjoyed spending time with his mom, dad, siblings, aunts and Kaalés, cooing while admiring his surroundings, being the boss, always getting his way, giving and receiving snuggles,  and spending time with his poppa Joe in grandpas chair. Ignatius was baptized into the Catholic Church on November 19, 2017 by Father Jim Antoine and was blessed with his godmothers Amberle Blaine & Nina Smells.

Survivors include his parents, Jolynn Lovato & William Paul Jefferson Sr. Brothers: Dominic Gardner Jr., Shylen & William Paul Jefferson Jr., Baby Derek Jefferson, Arthur & Latrell Grant, Baby Joe Reed, Tavian Torralba, Tyon and baby Colby. Sisters: Lilly Jefferson, MJ & Gina Killsnight, K’lee & Kalyssa Jefferson, Velma & Leticia Grant, Amarie & Mckenzie Reed, Tavia Toralba, Cheryl and Jaylee Deputee. Aunts: Olive (William) Smells, Nina Smells, Mari (Arthur) Plenty Hawk, Bernadine (Daryl) Grant, Nancy (Joe) Reed, Thomasa Blaine, Mercedes Gros Ventre, Maranda (Quindell) Bulltail, Tessa (Jonathan) Deputy and Kelly & Lila Mountainsheep. Uncles: Bernard Jefferson Jr., Terry (Terri) Mountainsheep, JC (Taneisha) Pretty Paint, John (Cheyenne) Smells Jr., Kelby Pretty on Top, Taylon Mountainsheep and Colby Gros Ventre. Kaalés: Seravine Jefferson, Mavis Covers Up, Aurora (John) Kohn, Roanne (Harold) Hill, Prudence (Jeff) Yellow Owl, Letha (Dan) Gun Shows, Lois Sharp, Donna Backbone, Natalie Real Bird, Tina & Ardy Covers Up, Alpha Birdinground, Regina Gros Ventre, Billie Jean Old Bull, Cheryl Jefferson, Clarise Medicine Crow, Roxanne Old Crow, Lauren Medicine Horse, Jennifer, Rebecca, Verna Jefferson, Lydia Hill, Verna Mae (Warren “Red”) Koch, Carol & Kim Bear Below, Opal Mountainsheep and Patsy Whitebear. Grandpas: Joseph Lovato, Maurice Mountainsheep Jr., John (Sherrie) Smells Sr., Lorenzo (Teresa) Mountainsheep, Eric (Casey) Birdinground Sr., Manuel (Linda) Covers Up, Darrin (Bobbijo) Old Coyote, Ben Gros Ventre, John Amanda Gros Ventre and Arnold Jefferson. Great Grandmothers: Rose Alden, Sophine (Fred) Bishop, Mary Helen Medicine Horse, Myra Gros Ventre and Annette Bird. Great Grandfathers: Fred Oyebi

Extended families include the Mountainsheep, Old Bull, Plays, Lovato families of New Mexico, Bright Wings, Little Light, Bends, Deputee, Moccasin, Froze, Old Elk, White Fox, Pretty Paint, Old Crow, Hill, Beaumont, Plainfeather, Stray Calf, Crooked Arm, Bird Hat, Fighter, Dawes, Lincoln, Takes the Enemy, Hugs, Pretty on Top, Stops, Yellowtail, Red Star, Old Bear, Medicine Horse, Takes Gun, Brien, White Hip, Roundface, Smells, Dust, House, Not Afraid, Big Man, Gros Ventre, Covers Up, Bad Horse, Real Birds, Good Lucks, Jefferson, Birds and descendants of Pretty Eagle. 

The family would like to thank Dr. Sanchez and the emergency room staff of the Crow/Northern Cheyenne hospital, responding Paramedics, BIA Officer Tim Smells Jr., and anyone who offered prayers, kind words or gestures in our time of great sorrow.

Rosary will be held 4:00 p.m. Friday, December 29, 2017 at Bullis Funeral Chapel. Mass of the Angels will be celebrated Saturday December 29, 2017 10:00 a.m. at Our Lady of Loretto in Lodge Grass. Burial will be at the Lodge Grass cemetery. Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.



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