In Loving Memory Bernadette Jean Stewart

Bernadette Jean Stewart Uutta Baa Kuuwissee “Wealthy Weasel” died peacefully at the age of 73 on Sunday, Oct. 1st, 2017 at Awe Kualawaache Care Center in Crow Agency, MT after a lifetime dedicated to the Lord and her family.
She was born on August 14th, 1944 in Crow Agency to Clara White Man Runs Him and Johnny Stewart. She was a member of the Greasy Mouth Clan and a child of the Ties The Bundle Clan and was always honored by her clan nieces and nephews. She was a direct descendent of White Man Runs Him, Packs The Hat, Pretty Eagle and Tom Stewart. Bernadette attended school in Crow Agency, Chilacco Indian School, and graduated from Lodge Grass High School. She then enrolled herself at the College of Technology in Butte. She went on to further her dental assistant training at Stanford University in California and Sitka, Alaska. Upon receiving her certificate in dental assistant program, she began of career of 40 years with Indian Health Service. According to her big brother Barney Old Coyote, Bernadette was one of the longest serving members of the Crow Tobacco society being adopted at the age of three, by May Childs. Bernadette was brought up in the Lodge Grass Catholic Church and immersed herself in her faith, which was the foundation throughout her life. Her strong beliefs and traditional ways blended with her Catholic faith and relationship with God. She was a member of the parish council and the Franciscan Third Order. Bernadette loved to sing, not only in church but she recorded many sessions with her sisters Diana, Sister Cecily, (other singers) and was an original members of the Crow Hymns Project spearheaded by Dave Graber. She was a strong persuader of education and hard work to all her family. Bernadette instilled her faith in others and lived a life devoted to the Lord.
Bernadette is preceded in death by her parents, aunt Pauline Small, Blake Jr.; sisters, Monica Falls Down, Diana Old Elk, Victoria Three Irons, Constance Stewart, Evangeline Blacksmith, Marlene Whiteman, Mabel Yarlott and Ethel Bell Rock; brothers John Myron Stewart, Leland Rock, Toy Boy Stewart, Larry and Everette Whiteman; nieces Elsie Ann Falls Down, Charmion Red Star, Arlene Rock and Brenda Yarlott; nephews Raymond Falls Down III, George Stewart and David Hargett, Jr; grandchildren Jordan Morning, Nyree Hogan and Kiki Hogan.
Survived by her son Jeff (Valerie) Packs the Hat, her grandsons Loyal, Clint and Korral, her daughter Ashley (Derek) Vasquez and grandchildren Johnny, Mary Jane Bernadette, D.C., Deliz and Morgan Old Elk; her brothers Ivan (Lucille), Blaine (Beldine), John (Francine) and Henry (Sarah) Small, David and Ruben Stewart, Tommy White Clay, David Hargett, Sr. and Myron Stewart; her adopted brother Juan Gomez; her sisters Gail (Bruce) Iron, Ardith (Clifford) Birdinground, Veronica (Sid) Eastman, Linda and Janine Pease, Wilma (Lawrence) Stands, Beverly (Tommy) Pretty On Top, Cloe Kindness, Dee Dee Rock, Davey Jean Stewart, Jolene White Clay, Beth Old Chief, Angela and Majel Russell, Sharon Stands and Ramona Real Bird; her aunts Louella Johnson, Regina Stewart, Mary Helen Medicine Horse, Nellie Petty, Joan Horn and Marge Pease; her uncle Floyd Horn; her God children Twila Old Chief, Jeffery Turns Plenty, Buck Pretty On Top, Torri Springfield; her nieces, Jennifer Turns Plenty, Amy Yellow Tail, Carla Falls Down, Julane Old Elk, Shannon Routh, Claire Kindness, Kateri (Sissy) Hargett, Sandu, Ada and Kim Iron, Nicolette Flat Mouth, Magenta Birdinground, Dusty Old Elk, Lavine Rides Horse, BethYana Pease, Sara Kindness, Holly Plenty Hawk and Lena Tsosie; her nephews Esley Old Elk, Jared and CJ Stewart, Elijah, Leland Sr., Frances Luke and Ivan Zac Rock, Adam Elk Boy, Wendell Red Star, Delbert White Clay, Edwine Tsosie, Elmer Yarlott Jr, Marlon Yarlott, Thomas, Deano and Terrence Springfield and John McCleary; her grandchildren Clarena, Shawndae, Merval, Jacob, JT, Garrison, LeeAndra, Joe, Janiece, Myriah, Monica, Tatah, Ashton, Charmaye, Robin, Sylvia, Rodney, Ethan, TommiJo, Tia, Esley Jr., Tristan, Kellie, George, Liam, Rodrigo, Paulina, Arbonnie, Ariyah, Walter, Trinity, Carmen, Ian, Micah, Addis, Austin, Tronson, Rayale, Curtis, Slim, Lathan, Charmion, Clara, Arlen, Ji Jr., Jamison, R3, Arleen, Baby Ivan and Baby Luke; a special place in Bernadette’s heart Blake Dust and Jasmine Madill; Tobacco Society sisters Shirleen and Victoria Bad Bear; as well as her extended families Stewart, WhitemanRunsHim, Packs The Hat, Bull Chief, Blaine, Spotted Horse, Beads, Don’t Mix, Springfield, White Clay, Bruised Head Calf, Robe, Black Wolf, She Kills, Fredricks, Young Bird, Hall and Lone Fight. Our family would like to extend a special thank you to the Awe Kualawaache Staff and Dr. Gentry.
Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.

4 thoughts on “In Loving Memory Bernadette Jean Stewart

  • October 5, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    Bernadette was a very gentle dental assistant, had a strong, beautiful voice at the Catholic Church, and a strong, caring community member. She was in Billings Rehab, at the same time as my parents and I will always be grateful that she would watch out for them, interpret their needs to the staff and be their protector. She will be missed by many!

  • October 7, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    I have fond memories of Bernadette from the time she journeyed with us to the Morris Cerullo World Conference in Anaheim, CA in Jan, 1992 to sing The Lord’s Prayer for our Crows for Jesus Delegation on stage in front of 10,000 people from all walks of Life! It was a miracle to be the first group of Native Americans to be invited to testify, sing and glorify the Lord!
    The day before our presentation, Bernadette became sick with a cold and laryngitis. As we prepared to go before the World Conference, she whispered that she could not sing. Our Delegation surrounded her and prayed for her. Instantly the Lord healed her and she gloriously sang while our Youth Delegates performed the Sign Language to accompany the Lord’s Prayer. God is so Good!

    • December 21, 2017 at 11:44 pm

      Thank you for the beautiful memory 🙏🏽Means a lot 💙 -Ash

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