John Paul Other Medicine

John Paul Other Medicine, Sr. left to be with his beloved wife on April 30, 2021 at his home in Crow Agency, Montana.  He was born on February 6, 1947 to Gus and Caroline (Shane) Other Medicine. His Indian name 

Aashe’ sho’op daakaa’ ghaash, (Crosses Four Seas) was given to him by his clan father the late John Holds the Enemy. John was a member of the Greasy Mouth Clan and a child of the Whistling Water clan.  John Paul grew up in the Crow Agency area and graduated from Chilocco Indian School in Oklahoma.  After high school, he enlisted in the United States Army and was in the 5th/73rd Field Artillery stationed in Germany.  John was very proud of his military service and was active in the Clark Stops Color Guard. For many years,  he participated in the Crow Fair Parade and PowWow Grand Entries throughout the state. 

He married Elizabeth Stops on August 12, 1971 and the family made their home in Crow Agency, and the couple was blessed with five sons. He took Samatha and Valerie Stops, Wendy Heart and Tammy Lynn Haukaas  and this own.  He also took Dakota and Newly Heart as his own sons. He adopted Rita and Sandy. John works for the BIA Irrigation Department as a ditch rider for 35 years. After his retirement he worked for the Crow Tribe as the caretaker of the Crow Veteran’s Park.  He always took pride in his work.  

In his early years, John was an avid horseman.  He loved training and traveling the state with his racehorses. His two favorite horses were Catch Me Too and Payless Dancer. HIs sons also had a little shetland pony named Mary and John loved to tell stories of his boys and their pony.

John cherished his wife Elizabeth and the couple loved traveling together. When their sons were in sports, they followed them all over the state to watch them compete.  When their sons Roger, John, Jr. and Gus were in the military, the couple made sure they attended their graduations from boot camp and to wherever they were stationed around the United States. John also enjoyed going to Newtown, North Dakota and visiting family.

Elizabeth passed away on their 44th wedding anniversary in August of 2015 and he has missed her so very much.

He is preceded in death by his wife, Elizabeth, his son Roger L. Other Medicine, his sons Dakota and Newly Heart; his parents Gus and Caroline; his brothers Robert Other Medicine, Brent D. Shane, his twin sister JoAnnOther Medicine, Avon Dawes, Ardeana and Sandra Other Medicine, his grandmother Amelia Passes.

John is survived by his sons Wayne (Zorana), Norman (Roberta), John P. (Nikki) Jr., Gus Other Medicine and Nelson Heart; daughters  Samatha (AJ) Broken Rope, Valerie (Daniel) Brien, Wendy Heart, Tammy Lynn Haukaas, Rita (Jay) Coulson and Sandy; his adopted sons Randy (Rose)  Barnes and Marc Sommers, Nathan Stops and Frank Jace Backbone; his brothers Nelson Heart, Joe Pickett, Henry Real Bird and Gilbert Birdinground; his sisters Sara House and Denean Other Medicine and his adopted brother Paul Daniels; his 25 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. His extended family includes the Other Medicine, Shane, Birdinground, Three Irons, Fitzpatrick, Joe Pickett family, Cedric Black Eagle family, Pretty Paint family, his families in Newtown, North Dakota, Hearts, Little Swallow, Judy Brugh family and Johnson family.  We have a large family, please accept our apology in our time of grief. 

Funeral Services Monday May 3, 2021 at 11:00 AM at the Bullis Funeral Chapel. Burial with Military Honors at the Crow Agency Cemetery.

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