Katherine Lee Asencio

Kathrine Lee Spint Asencio 50, of Crow Agency went home to be with her Lord and Savior on July 30, 2018. Her Indian name Baaxpaa Balaxish” Sings Sacred Songs” was given to her by Dan Old Bull. She was born November 26, 1967 to Vincent and Lauren Spint. Katherine grew up in Lodge Grass. She attended and graduated from Lodge Grass High School. She attended MSU Bozeman and later received her AA degree at the Little Big Horn College. Katherine married Benjamin Asencio on Dec 15, 1987 in Sheridan, WY and the couple made their home in Lodge Grass and later moved to Crow Agency. She was a member of the Big Lodge Clan and a child of the Ties the Bundle Clan. Her faith in the Lord led her to be a member of the Crow Revival Center. Later in life, she became friends with Pastor Savannah Cairnes and continued her walk of faith under Savannah’s ministry. Katherine worked at The Office and The Station in Lodge Grass, before becoming a fulltime sales manager at the Custer Battlefield Trading Post. She was also a child care provider for Song Bird Daycare. Katherine shared her love of fishing and trips to the mountains with her family. She also loved the Christmas holidays because she enjoyed decorating her home, listening to Christmas music, and most of all giving gifts. Katherine loved spending time with her daughters, nieces, nephews, and especially her grandkids. 

Katherine was preceded in death by her father, grandmothers Blanche Brown and Kathleen Black Eagle, grandfather Hugh Little Owl, sister Marilyn Black Eagle, uncle Hartford “Sonny” Black Eagle, aunt Deborah Yarlott, brother Jared Black Eagle, adopted brother George Knows His Gun and nephew Waylon Big Head. 

Survivors include her husband of 30 years, her mother Lauren Little Owl Spint, daughters Chantal (Elijah) Stops, Melaina and Katelyn Asencio; her sisters Ernestine (Thomas) Morning Owl, Jeryl (Joseph) Pretty On Top, Vanessa and Angie Spint

Philamine (Mark) Nomee; her brothers DeAndre Blacksmith and Thomas (Jackie) Spint; her grandchildren KyLynn and Elisha Stops, Jeremyah Kindness and Elenna Carlson; her adopted parent; Grady (Alice) Hunts The Arrow and Putt (Jill) Thompson; her adopted daughters Brittany (Truman) Jefferson and Shanelle (Elvis) Hogan; her adopted sisters Patleen (Leroy) Stewart, Reva (Marlon) Not Afraid, Lavonna (Curtis) Real Bird, Beverly (Ron) Grambling, Tina Black Eagle, Ramona (Brian) Blacksmith, Mary (Eldon) Not Afraid Jr. Donya Costa, Rosalie Hunts The Arrow, Carlene Jefferson, Lynn Laforge and Jana Little Owl, Roberta (Alferd) Walks Dorothy Jefferson and Jordan Paz; adopted brothers Willy (Diana) and Kenny (Mona) Spint, Judd and Kacey (Allison) Thompson, Clinton (Loretta) Stewart, Larry Little Owl Jr., Larny (Elizabeth) and Solomon (Kacey) Little Owl, Alan (Maria) Hunts The Arrow, Darren and Everett (Janice) Howe, Kevin Dust, Albert (Bekki) Gros Ventre; her uncles Larry (Linda) Little Owl Kenneth Spint, Benito (Marcia) Brown,  Robert (Carol) Howe, Norris (Shirley) Davies, Ettings (Harriet) and Tommy (Linda) Little Owl, John (Carol) Bullinsight, Marlon (Colleen), Larry (Samantha) Black Eagle, Henry (Laura) Rides Horse, Jr. Robert (Alberta) Harold, Richard, Henry, Kennard and Jimmy Real Bird;  aunties Geneva, Carol, Lucinda Black Eagle, Victoria Brown, Corliss (Clinton) Iron, Sophie Left Hand, Twila and Lena Brown, Gloria Good Luck, Gwendalyn Falls Down, Vikki Howe, Ursula (Barry) Russell, Christine (Reuben) DeCrane, LeeAnn OldBull, Birdie Real Bird and Lark Paz; nephews Robert (Crystal) Pretty On Top, Thomas Not Afraid, George (Heather) Not Afraid, Dereck Spint, Ferlin Blacksmith, Garreth and Travis (Willena) Reed Jr.;  nieces Jolauna Pickett, Carla Big Head, Ashley, Yvaughn, Mikisha Blacksmith, Garilyn (Larry) Singer and Natasha Reed, 18 grandchildren. Her extended family includes the Five, Brown, Crooked Arm, Davies, Walks Over Ice, Iron Horse, Dust, Bright Wings, Hunts the Arrow, Bull Chief, White Antelope, Covers Up, Rides the Horse, BullinSight, Little Owl, Morning, Bell Rock, BlackEagle, Walks, Bird Hat, Horn, Jefferson, Lucy Real Bird’s family, Edith BirdinGround’s family and Jim and Edith Big Lake’s family. Our family is large, if we have missed you, please accept our apology. 

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