Lawrence Boliver Big Hair, Jr.

Lawrence Boliver Big Hair, Jr., 60, was born on April 14, 1960 in Billings, Montana, to Lawrence Big Hair, Sr. and the late Ilean A. Hill Big Hair. Chiilap’bachachiish (Great Buffalo), given by his grandfather the late Thomas Hill, crossed over to the camp on the other side on August 31, 2020. He was a member of the Greasy Mouth Clan and a Child of the Piegan Clan. Lawrence grew up in St. Xavier, Montana. He graduated from Hardin High School in 1978 and pursued his higher education at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, graduating in 1986 with a Bachelors in Metallurgy.

Lawrence returned home to Montana in 1991. He had many successes and accomplishments throughout his life, both personal and professional; he was a quiet, humble man who did not sing his own praises. He wouldn’t want his accomplishments listed one-by-one, this was not his way. Instead he would want to be remembered as a loving, kind and helpful Christian man. Those of us who cherished and loved, Lawrence, knew what a wonderful man he was to his family and friends. The loss of Lawrence is an unbearable heartbreak, he truly left us too soon.

Lawrence is survived by his wife Twilla House-Big Hair, his high school sweetheart and the love of his life; his father Lawrence (Blu Sky) Big Hair, Sr.; his children, Gregory Big Hair, Shannon (Dustin) Parker (children of Allison Henry), Russell, Sevan and Lawrence III Big Hair (children of Janice Sawney), Mike (Lace) Pretty Weasel, Adena (Preston) Grant Jr.; his grandchildren, Xavier Big Hair, Bryson Rodriguez, Avery and Mason Tsatoke, Rustin, Reuben and Reyna Sawney, Keldyn Cashman, Kaylor Robinson, Nechia and Nishan House, Nephia Bright Wings; his brothers, Al (Jonni) Big Hair, Tommy (Cheryl) Dawes; his sisters, Verlie Walks, Lauren, Leah (Phillip Jr) and Lorna (Oliver) Spotted Horse; his uncles Sammy Big Hair, Calvin, Jr and Cyrus (Annie) Leider; his aunts, Roseline (Ronnie) Yellowmule, Stella Not Afraid and Loettal (Kim Brown) Wallace; his adopted brothers, Jim Riggio and Stanley Pretty Paint. Lawrence descended from extensive families so please understand that you are all in our thoughts and prayers during this time of sorrow.

Lawrence had a special and loving bond with his in-laws, Bruce and Agatha House, whom he adored and is survived by as well.

His extended families include Big Hair, Bull Over the Hill, Stops At Pretty Places, Bear Claw, He Does It, Whiteman Runs Him, Russell, Walks, Fighter, Smart Enemy, Yellowmule, Cummins, Old Horn, Old Coyote, Bad Bear, Hill Bird Horse, Smith, Cashen, Yellowtail, Little Light, Driftwood, Little Owl, Plenty Hawk, Brown, Knows the Gun and Bear Cloud; our family is vast, again please forgive us, if we have omitted any family in our time of grief.

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