Leland Grant Walks, Jr.

Leland Grant Walks, Jr. affectionately known as “Bonez” or “Honey Bee” 29, of Billings passed away on November 25, 2019 with his loving family by his side.  His Indian name was Baalé waatchiilesh Deesh (Goes to Good Fortune) given to him by his late grandfather, Ira Left Hand.  Leland was born September 24, 1990 in Crow Agency to Leland G. and Dena E. (Mountain Sheep) Walks, Sr.  He was a member of the Greasy Mouth and child of the Greasy Mouth Clan.  Leland was a descendent of Plenty Hawk, Left Hand, Chief Sits in the Middle of the Land of the Crow Tribe and Chief Kennewash of the Cree Nation.  In 1990, he was one of the ten great-great-grandsons born of Amelia Passes.  He grew up in the Crow Agency and Hardin area and received his GED in 2009. He attended the Austin Texas Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute and Little Big Horn College. “Bonez” worked at various places including McDonalds, Love’s Truckstop, Hardin Pizza Hut, Town Pump and the Crow Casino.  He enjoyed playing the guitar and fishing.  He was a wonderful cook and his family appreciated his baking skills and the delicious meals he could make out of little or nothing. He loved the time he could spend with his one and only son as well as all of his nieces and nephews.  He was always in attendance at the children’s sporting events. He loved hangin with his “Homies”, especially his best friends, Vincent Blackhawk and Bobbi Red Bird. 

Leland is preceded in death by his parents; his sisters Baby Girl Mountain Sheep, Rochelle Old Horn, Cassandra Big Hair and Caroline Spotted;  his brother Conrad Walks, Jr. “Boop”, his niece Rory Mai Old Chief; his paternal grandparents Daniel and Esther Plenty Hawk Walks, maternal grandfathers Elliot and Maurice Mountain Sheep, Sr. , Jakie House , Norman Dawes, Sr.  and Robert Other Medicine ; maternal grandmothers Veneeta Dawes ,  Sandra and Ardena Other Medicine;  his maternal great grandparents Gus and Caroline (Shane) Other Medicine, Henry and Audrey (Little Light) Mountain Sheep, Sr.; his uncles Norman Dawes Jr. and Justin Shane; his aunts Bernadine Tobacco, Constance Stewart, Louanna Harjo and Lois Chavez, Anita  (Sylvester) Iron, his uncles Gordon Tobacco, Sr., Barnett Plenty Hawk, Tommy Walks and Brian Knows the Ground, Sr. 

He is survived by his son Kyland; his maternal grandparents Dineen Other Medicine, Sarah House, John Paul Other Medicine; his sisters Sharmanda (Reuben) Plain Bull, Toni Mountain Sheep, Etheleen (Hershel Singer) Mountain Sheep, Venetta (Jay Cooper) and Bethany (Sam Carlson) Walks, BriLynn Brien, Raé Dawn and Kara Yarlott, Heather and Hannah Mountain Sheep, Sylvia Old Coyote, Cecily (Gabe Dust) and Laurie Dale Shane, Jonessa and Hailyn Other Medicine, Sarah and Julia Big Hair, Averyanna and Lesleigh Pretty On Top, TeAtta (Zephie Monroy), Stephanie, Pera and Jessica House, Kristian Charette, Carol Ann (Gavi) Chavez, Meagan (Harold) Male Bear III, Re’Shawn (Tyrell Old Bull), Jakelynn Sees the Ground, Kailyn Old Crow, Amanda Morrison, Ashley and Tasha Walks, Shyra Three Irons, Lori and Christina (Gerry) Chavez and Arlene Iron; his brothers Emilio and Mattias Walks, Colton, Elliot III, Elliot IV, Elliot V Mountain Sheep, Robin Old Coyote, Kody LaFrance, Tracy (Diane) Charette, Dave Jefferson, Jr., Sport Other Medicine, Gary, Jr, Norman, Kingsley Dawes, Darwin (Crystal) Spotted, Katlin Morrison,  Ralph (Kim), Kevin (Jennifer), Kendall (Jonna) Chavez,  Donnie (Merlene), Johnny (Erlis) Harjo, Levi Jo Walks, Duran Little Light, Roman Bell Rock, Bruce, Jr., Clement (Micah Beth) Other Medicine, Robbi and Robyn Stewart, Josh and Jalen High Hawk, Pete Big Hair, Henry and Brett Pretty On Top, Hunter Other Medicine, Alex and Dale Dawes, George Austin, McKinney III (Melissa Lawton), Mike and Kobe Sees the Ground, Thomas, Lance Jr., Andrew, Corey, and Robert House, Kyler and Teagan Old Crow, and Everette (Kim) Walks; his uncles Elliot G. Mountain Sheep, Jr., Cody Wilhelm, Bruce (Amy) and Smiley (Kristine) Other Medicine, Tommy (Cheryl) Bruce, Gary (Neva Tall Bear) and  David Dawes, Billy, Lance (Renita) Stephen (Leanne) House, Gordon Tobacco Jr., Brent Other Medicine, Conrad, Sr. , Clinton, Manford, Ira (Beverly) Walks, Mitchell and Robin Iron, Darren Chavez, and Alfred (Roberta) Walks; his aunts Opal Mountain Sheep, Deidra (Brian) Brien, Thelma (Dana) Bird, Rosie (Melville) Stops, Norma Jane (Gordon) Morning, Karna (Tom) Yarlott, Caroline and Farrah Jane Tobacco, Rena House, Williamina Old Crow, Carrie Other Medicine, Lucille (Oliver) Yarlott, Theda and Arnetta Walks, Janice Knows the Ground; his special nieces Honey Dew and Aaleigha “Beanz”, “Badass” Bell, Baby Dena Plain Bull, Brianna Shane, Donna Bull Tail, Suellyn Walks, Shandi, Shandra and  Jontae Harjo, Danyale, Valerie, Heather Other Medicine; his nephews Emilo Jr. and Dontaz Walks, L-Man, Axel Dale, Jacob, Arturo Old Chief, Preston Cooper, Alkylus Carlson, Karter and Indian Three Irons, G-Man, Jordason, Sylas Plain Bull, Haven Other Medicine and Henry Morrison. 

His extended family includes the Mountain Sheep, Other Medicine, Walks, Plenty Hawk, Passes, Shane, Doyle, Lincoln, Lightlight, Dawes, House, Pretty Paint, Montgomery of South Dakota, Hatten, Big Hair, Jefferson, Lehay, Brown, Fighter, Stewart, Half, Blaine, Bull Tail, Gets Down and all his friends and coworkers.  

The family is large, please accept our apology if we have forgotten to include you.  We would like to thank the staff at Billings Clinic and the Crow IHS Hospital for their loving care of Leland. Also a special thank you to David Freeman, FMP, Dr. Jaatoul and Dr. Katherine Stephens.

The funeral services will be held Saturday November 30, 2019 at 11:00 at the Bullis Funeral Chapel with interment to following at the Crow Agency Cemetery. 

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