Loyal Hogan

Loyal Hogan, age 35, unexpectantly passed away on November 29, 2019, in Billings Montana.

He was born on May 11, 1984 in Crow Agency, Montana. He was a member of the Catholic Church. Loyal had respect for his tradition and culture. He enjoyed throwing, as well as making arrows. He was a Ties the Bundle and child of the Big Lodge Clan. His Indian name is “Shikia’k bachi’lache,” (boy that’s naturally talented), which was given to him by his uncle Gale Three Irons.

Loyal was affectionately known as, “Lolo,” by his friends and family. He graduated from the Lodge Grass High School in 2003. He married Tari Little Light, and from this union they had a daughter La’Mya and two sons, Lamont and Ta’Ree Hogan. They made their home in Billings,  where he began working for Novo1 as a telemarketer in his early adulthood. He later started his career working for the Billings Area Indian Health Service – Crow Service Unit in Crow Agency, Montana as a Pharmacy Technician in 2008. Loyal was passionate about his job, he loved his co-workers and it was there where he made many lasting friendships. Loyal had a big heart for those in need. He delivered medications to those who were homebound. He was also known for giving food and a place to clean up for friends in need. He could find joy in anyone and in practically any situation. Loyal was always determined to provide for his children, who were his pride and joy. He was an avid fan of the Oakland Raiders, often sporting their black and silver team colors with pride.

Loyal is preceded in death by his sister Nyree M. Hogan; niece Kiomora Hogan; his grandparents Clarence and Iris Three Irons, George and MaryAnn Hogan, Jr.; uncles Wallace and Dean Three Irons and his grandmother Bernadette Stewart.

Loyal is survived by his parents Jeff and Valarie Packsthehat of Lodge Grass, Montana, Jude and Mary Hogan of Crow Agency, Montana; daughter La’Mya; sons Lamont, Ta’Ree and Latavius Hogan; godchildren Novena Hogan; brothers Clint Hogan, Korral Packsthehat, Jay Dustybull of Browning, MT and Justin Howe of Lodge Grass, Montana; sisters Marissa (Hamley) and Zoey Real Bird; grandparents Lloyd (Ardith) Hogan, Sr., Letty Ann Burgess, Bertha Hogan, Beverly Big Man, Pauline Wilson, Lawrence Wilson, Sr. Myrtle Howe, Annette Couture, Ruby Reed, Roseanne Reed, Sonny Joe Reed, Sharon Stands, Angela Russell and Veda Iron; niece and nephews Carter and Keston Real Bird, Korbin Hogan; aunts Avis Three Irons, Lana Three Irons, Rachel (Corky) Old Horn, Daisy Three Irons (Ed Stamper); godparents Darla (Samuel) Horn, Aneda Hill, Lavonne and Joyce Good Luck, Angie (Hartford) Bearclaw, Rhea Goes Ahead, Marilyn (Jay) Simpson, Frances Pretty Paint, Glenda Morrison, Marlene Walking Bear, Lavina Passes, Fanny (Kenneth) Plenty, Rebecca (Coolidge) Jefferson, Alice and Suzanne Iron and Virjama Plain Bull, Carol (John) Bullinsight, Jennifer (Ken) Turns Plenty, Amy (Thomas) Yellow Tail, Twyla (Howard) Old Chief, Julane (Jiggs) Morning, Carla Falls Down, Shannon Roth, Lorraine (Leland) Hugs, LuMary Spang, Lydia Hogan, Pete Big Hair, Lana (Roland) Red Field, Jr., Trudy Old Crane, Helen, and Nettie Hogan, Georgette Boggio, Linda Little Owl, Patricia and Jolene Eastman, Mary Helen (Joe) Foote, Zita and Marciel Yellowmule, Beverly, Evelynn, Debbie, and Walet Stevenson; uncles Keith Lenn, Gale and Clarence (Joslynn) Three Irons, Bruce House, Franklin House, Jr., Gary Pretty Paint, Earl BearCrane, Clinton, Louis and John Good Luck, Carlson “Duke” (Ginger) Goes Ahead, Dana (Karen) Goes Ahead, Esley Old Elk, Myron Stewart, Jared (Niki) Stewart, Conrad (Tara) Stewart; Lloyd (Valerie) Hogan Jr., Larry (Rhonda), Lance, Les (Nellie), Lind (JohnAnn), Regis (April), Frank (Jolee), Greg, and Howard (Janet) Hogan, and Mike Burgess, Dominic, Mike, Levi, Gary, and John Paul Yellowmule, Terry and Aaron Stevenson; cousins Jana (Cyril John) Not Afraid, Zandee Shane, Millie (Gene) Kazhe, Lance and Clarent (Athena) Stewart, Maggie (Kyle) Fraser, Heather (Bob) Struckman, Hillary Corson, Mitzi, Dana “Sam” (Charlene), Forest, Kandace, Thomas, Zane (Emmaline) Horn, Jade (Tashina), Emery, Nick, Kevin, Victor (Tessa), Wally and Delilah (Johnny Flores)Three Irons, Kara Robinson, Verlie Sue Hill, Fayette (Colton) Herrera, Garrick, MaryAnn (Carl), Lloyd (Ember) III, Cody (Aritha), Elvis (Shanelle), Elvina, Christopher, Larry, Jr., Les, Jr., and Nicholas Hogan, Rosie and Jackie Hugs, Waylon and Ashley Spang, Naomi Redfield. His extended family includes the Brass, Yellowmule, Star, Otter, Iron, Three Irons, Hogan, House, Pretty Paint, Fog in the Morning, Burgess, Yellowfish, Brockie, Standing Rock, Denny, Stump, Top Sky, Wilson and Reed families.

Rosary will be recited on Thursday, December 5, 2019 at the Bullis Funeral Chapel at 3:30 p.m. Funeral Mass will be celebrated on Friday, December 6, 2019 at the Our Lady of Loretto Catholic Church in Lodge Grass, Montana at 10:00 a.m. Burial to follow at the Lodge Grass Cemetery.

Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.

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