Lugenia Kaye Blackhawk

Lugenia Kaye Blackhawk was born August 19,1991 in Crow Agency.  She earned her wings on August 22, 2018.  She was raised in the Black Lodge area and was a member of the Big Lodge Clan and child of the Whistling Water Clan.

She attended and graduated from Hardin High School.  She was always a helpful and humble person, and was very considerate and respectful to all those who knew her.

She was very humorous, outgoing and loving, and above all she loved her family and friends very much.  She never turned anyone away and was very hospitable to others.  In her free time, she loved watching movies and always had hot tea brewing.  

She is survived by her mother Nicolette (Precious) Rogers and father Vincent Blackhawk, Jr.; son Liam Coran Sebasian Blackhawk; brothers Vincent V. Blackhawk, Rio Blackhawk, Eli Blackhawk and Mario Castro; sisters Annie Castro, Violet Little Light and Precious Little Light; numerous nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles; grandfathers Norman Pretty on Top, Woodrow (Gladyce) Brien, Bruce (Agatha) House, Raymond House, Clinton (Sherry) House, Bryan “Buddy” (Marie) Rogers, Alex (Ethel) Madill, Dennis Madill, Edward (Mary) Iron, McKinley Iron and Ronnie (Roseline) Yellowmule; grandmothers Mary Rogers, Lorrie House and Florida House; also, special friend William Bends. Lugenia took all of her cousins as brothers and sisters. 

She was preceded in death by grandmothers Irene Reed, Ruth Alden, Grace Hummingbird, Rosabelle Fighter, Vera Whiteclay, Donna Pretty On Top, Franchen and Thora House; grandfathers Sonny Reed, William House, Thomas Medicine Horse, Bryan Rogers, Sr. and Vincent, Sr. (Lugenia Hawk) Blackhawk and aunt Irene Duran. 

Extended family FogInTheMorning, Three Irons, Big Medicine, Blackbird, Goes Ahead, Bird Hat, Black Hawk, Old Crow, Bulltail, Wallace, Black Eagle, Ironman, Jefferson, Top Sky, Standing Rock, Stump, Weasel Boy, Denny, Windy Boy, Benny, Guardipee, Big Sky, Ironmaker, Brockie, Saddle Back, Big Ox, Beaver Muskrat, Hangs up the Meat, Crooked Face, Ten Bear, DeCrane, Comes Up, Bad Bear, Reed, North Dakota families, Coffee, Bearstail, Rogers Families, Otter Stays In The Water, Nomee, Brass, Sends Part Home, Plain Feather, Half, Whiteman, Black Eagle, Red Wolf, Yellowmule, Hawk, Morning, Hugs, Not Afraid, Bull Tail and House.  Our family is large; if we have missed you, please accept our apology.

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