Martin Conrad Stops Sr.

Martin Conrad Stops Sr., 53, of Hardin passed away May 20, 2020 at St. Vincents Hospital.

Eesaa duu laa wiish, “Walks Into the Future,” was given to him by the late Delbert Big Lake. Conrad was born May 12, 1967 in Monterey, California. He was a member of the Catholic Church, Whistling Water Clan and a child of the Bad War Deeds. He was raised in the Wyola area by his grandparents Bernard and Mary Elizabeth Tobacco. 

He loved riding horses, his fondest memory growing up, was with his “pet” (as he called him) Chief. Conrad graduated from Lodge Grass High School in 1985, after which he attended Clearfield Utah Job Corps. Conrad also received his Associates Degree at the Little Bighorn College in I.T. While enrolled at LBHC he received many certificates. He later achieved the FLETC program which lead to his employment as a BIA Police Officer for the Crow Nation for many years. He participated in many basketball tournaments including the City League. Conrad loved “MUSIC,” and wherever he went he always had his music on him and speakers so he could share the sound with everyone. He never went anywhere without it. Conrad was so full of love, his children were his everything.

He is preceded in death by his sister Lillian Stops and grandparents; Matthew (Maude) Bear Ground Stops, John Takes Horse, Sr. and Mary (Bernard) Tobacco.

Survivors include his parents Lucy Takes Horse and William, Sr.(Berdina) Stops; his Brother Garett (Amy) Stops; his little sister Brianna Stops; his sons Dusty Plainfeather, Martin, Jr. (Tayla), Royce and John Stops; his daughters LaDawn (Ray, Jr.) PlainFeather, Lily (Thomas, Jr.) Ten Bear, LaTasha and Lela Stops; thirteen grandchildren; his extended family including the Stops, Takes Horse, Pretty On Top, Goes Ahead, Spotted Bear, Cloud, Stewart, Not Afraid, Bear Ground, Morales, Laforge, Bird In Ground, Holds, Cummins, Anderson, Williamson, Red Star, Dust, Aragon, Brien, Eastman, Real Bird and Old Elk families. Please forgive us if we have forgotten anyone during our time of grief.

Visitation Wednesday May 27, 2020 from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM. Graveside Funeral Thursday May 28, 2020 at 1:00 PM at Fairview Cemetery

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