Melvin Kills The Boy – Pretty Paint

Melvin “Scotty” Kills The Boy-Pretty Paint, 82, drove his last ride in his pickup truck, with his six-pack, going 45 mph to met his loved ones in Heaven, taking his last breath October 19, 2019. He was a life time resident on Dunmore River Road. His Indian name is, Bilaa Daaicch, (Hits The Water), which was given to him by the late Warren Bear Cloud Clan. He is a child of the Big Lodge.
He had strong connection with the Lord. He was a quiet humble man who kept his personnel relationship with Lord in his heart. He attended school in Busby and at the Relocation Program in Chicago, Illinois where he completed his training for Heavy Equipment Operation. He worked during his primary years as a horse trainer which eventually led to him becoming a Jockey. Throughout his life, he was employed at several different places, including; Camp-4, Harvey Warren Ranch and Morrison- Kundsen. He was also a Cattle Rancher, and for twenty five years he worked at the Westmoreland Apsáalooke Coal Mine. During his retirement the theme was, “Melvin did ‘Dunmore’ then you!” For years after his retirement, he would park at Sarpy Bridge or L’B’s just to see the Coal Miners shift change.
He had a harsh sense of humor and was constantly telling his family to Work! He would drive to all of his children and grandchildren’s houses in the morning while honking his horn and telling them not to be late for work. He would drive by where they worked to make sure their cars were there! His children would go to work and not be late so they could avoid him!
Melvin had Crow traditional values in Black Lodge District where he participated in Handgames. Multiple times, he was the Medicine Man and the Main Guesser and he even took Black Lodge to several Championships. Melvin and Elise always won the award for having the most children and grandchildren that played in the Junior Black Lodge Handgame Tournament.
Melvin enjoyed people calling him, ‘Russian,’ or in his words, “I am a ‘Rusion’ because of my light skin and green eyes.” He would also say he wasn’t good at speaking english. However, he was a fluent Crow language speaker. He was also limited in his reading ability and would bring his big mechanic book home to his wife for her to read to him. Then, he would go outside and fix cars.
He would always tell his children and grandchildren stories of surviving. In one story, he told of how he got bitten by a rattle snake using a rattle snake tail on his cowboy hat. Another story is when he got hit by a train with his maternal grandmother Grace Kills The Boy-Three Irons. Another time, he was hit by a car with his paternal grandmother, WomanOn Top. She helped raise him while he was being hospitalized for a year and would tell doctors he was allergic to needles.
Preceding him in death were Elsie Ann Dawes-Pretty Paint whom he shared sixty years of marriage; son Joseph Jo-Jo Pretty Paint; parents Perry Pretty Paint and Grace Three Irons; brother Tommy Wall; sister Geneva Other Medicine; grand-children Lance Iron, Molly Smells and Josiah Yellowtail; great-grand children Buster Lee Birdinground, Courtney Little Nest and Oliver Joseph Iron.
He is survived by children Victor, V. Jeannie, Brenda. Loriann, Clyde, Jana Jo Pretty Paint, Melva (Ray) Irons and Melvina Dawes; sister and bothers Gary, Stanley, Frances, Debbie Pretty Paint, Glenda Morrison, Lavina Passes, Agatha House and Loettal Wallace; nephew Marvin Wall; thirty seven grandchildren; seventy eight great-grand children; eleven great-great grandchildren and a total of one hundred and twenty six in all. Melvin had Nicknames for his grandchildren because he was not able pronounce names. He called them names such as Corner Pocket, Japans Eyes, Obaaga, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Mexican, White Girl or White Boy, Humba James and Auna Goats. Melvin was known as, “The Mean Grandpa.” He was not the kissing and hugging type of dad and grandfather, but he financially provided care to his family! This was his way of showing love. There’s also friends and relatives he contacts for current updates including Ardie Stops, Adrian Bird, Joseph Bearcrane, Larry Eastman, Gilbert Birdinground and the 107th Committee; the Three Irons, Morning, Bear Crane and House families; the Cree Families Top Sky, Big Sky, Weasel Boy, Denny, Stump, Windy Boy and Iron Man families and the Saddle Backs and Buffalo family of Canada. If we have forgotten anyone we are sorry! Please forgive us, Melvin’s family is very large.

Melvin “Scotty” Kills The Boy-Pretty Paint & Elise Ann Dawes-Pretty Paint Family Tree –

Survivors include their (9)-children, (37)-grandchildren;(75)-great-grandchildren; (11)-great-great-grandchildren; Total (126)
Melva (Ray Iron Sr.), Shawn Sr., Amari, Abgail, Shawn Jr. (Yovonna); Kaydrean, Kelsie, Karris. Porter Ray, Desira; Andrez, Malachi, Dalray, Ray Jr.; (LaDawn), Rydell, Ryden, Raylia, Bonarae; (Reiny), Icen, Raycen, Melvina Dawes, Nyla; (Shawn), Tionn;, Blake, LaChrissa, Tristy, Nayola, Frank (Bugz), Shine Lee Nalayna ; Kershanna, Genesis, Brinna (Machiah), Coery Tuff, Stetson; Robert; (Bertha), Noloni, Taylor, Silas, Tabuis, Berdina, Taliagha, Ugene; Scotty; Kashus;
Victor Sr., Victor Ray (Maureen); Lazarus, Valentina, Maximus, Shakisha, Navaeh, Jashya, Ahmie; Weston, Roston;, Jason, Shelby, Quindale; Malerie; (Pete), Kenyon, Ceneyah, Camber; Keristen; (Sonny), Kaeten, Jaylin, Sienna, Kyrie; Kerrera; (Ray), Anayah, Jrue, Kiiara; Derrek; Dante, Lana Rose; Chelsea; (Clarence), Braxton, Jarius,
Jeannie, Quintin Jr.; Jaymason, TyTy (Santina), Serenity, Aiden, Aaron JC (Taneisha); Marley, Jackson;
Brenda, Dwan; (Shawn), DaQuan, DaShaun, Deysha, McKinley(Cher); Cherayah, Montrell, Maezee (Max)
Lori, Jeremy Sr., Jeremy Jr., Jeroen, Lakota, Alliya, Jemmersen, Jermiah, Jalayah, Jesse, Joshua, Terry Boy, Selena, Julianna, Harold “Simba”;
Clyde Sr., Truman, Heidi (Chester), Chezlie, Baylee, Landen, Chestyn, Kevin (Chloe) Avalon, Jeffrey, Tommy, Clyde Jr., Hudson, Kelsie;
Jana-Jo, Brandon, Hudson, Kelsie
Adopted children: Kathy Hogan; Maggie and Emily
Mike Good Luck, Kenneth Turns Plenty, Rhonda (Pow-Wow)

Melvin’s funeral service is Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 11:00 AM at the Spirit of Life Foursquare Church in Crow Agency, Montana. His services will include a shout out on his BIRTHDAY! as he is laid to rest. Burial to follow at the Crow Agency Cemetery.
Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.

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