Newlyn Little Owl

Newlyn Hugh Little Owl, 50, of St. Xavier went to be with the Lord on the morning of June 10, 2019 surrounded by his children. 

Newlyn was born in Crow Agency, MT January 13,1969 to Cyrus Little Owl and Louella Jefferson. He was raised by his Kaala, Harriett Big Hair, who he called mom and loved dearly. His Indian name is Baa eet Xawiissash, (Any Endeavors Is Not Bad) was given to him by Joseph Smells. He was a member of the Piegan and a child of Greasy Mouth.          

 Newlyn grew up in the St. X area where he received his early education. Newlyn excelled in sports and discovered his passion for mathematics. He graduated and received his high school diploma from Tuba City High School in Arizona with a 4.0 GPA. Later, he continued his education at the Little Big Horn College. He accomplished many educational goals and received many certificates throughout his life. Newlyn had a relationship with Chrislyn Nomee and out of that relationship they were blessed with his first child, Natelyn Little Owl. He later married Rebecca Birdinground and from this union they were blessed with their four children Heidi, Laine, Sethalee and Gabrielle. Later they divorced, but stayed on friendly terms for their children. 

Newlyn enjoyed working out and any outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, hunting and camping. He had a passion for horsemanship. Newlyn had always been family oriented, he loved being surrounded by his children and grandchildren while telling jokes and playing games or whatever it may be. He was known as an intelligent and hardworking man, something he was well known for. He often referred to himself as a “jack of all trades but a master of none.” He was known for being helpful and always putting others before himself. There was a place in his heart for everyone. He always said “just call me dad” to his children’s many friends. 

He is preceded in death by his daughter Sethalee Little Owl; grandchildren Tatum and Tatiana Little Owl, Harriett Big Hair, Cyrus Little Owl, Louella Jefferson, Myron Jefferson, Mitchell Hawk, Wallace Arnold Leider, Marvin Spotted, Al, Larry, Lamont, Tee, Danelle and Clayton Big Hair.

He is survived by his children Nate(Angelica) Little Owl, Heidi(Carl) Alden, Laine Robert(KateLyne) Little Owl, Gabrielle(Nicholas) Real Bird, Krista Bradley, adopted son CJ Walks; his grandchildren, Arycella, Maeana, Xsabien, Novalei, Chezlie, Baylee, Landen, Chestyn, Khleo, Keenazhi, Stryker, Skylee, Kinslee, King, and many other grandchildren; his brothers Popeye(Blue Sky) and Sammy Big Hair, Cyrus(Annie) Leider, David Stewart, Jr., Daryl Big Hair, Calvin Leider, Harold Jess Brien, Daniel Takes Enemy, Lawrence (Twila) Jr. and Al(Jonni), Sammy, Jr., Karl(Jodene) Big Hair and his long time friends who he took as his brothers, Richard(Kristi) Old Coyote, Hershman John and Carl(Barbara) Alden; his sisters Quinlyn, Leah(Bobby) Stiffarm, Lorna(Oliver) Spotted Horse, Lauren Big Hair, Darwina Brien, Donna, Latisha, Loretta, Patleen, Jessica Stewart, Michaleyn Hawk and Deneen(AJ) Not Afraid; his uncles Tommy(Linda), Larry(Linda) Little Owl, Jacob, Norris and Tronson Big Hair; his aunts Lauren Spint, Dennis(Nora) Big Hair, Regina Falls Down, Julia Wolf, Velma Fitzpatrick; and his many nieces and nephews. Extended family include the Little Owl, Big Hair, Leider, Jefferson, Carpenter, Laforge, Deputee, Bell Rock, Beamont, Bird Hat, Little Light, Smart Enemy, Plain Feather, Smell, Driftwood and Hunts the arrow families. Our family is large, if we have missed you, please accept our apologies in our time of grief.

       Funeral Thursday June 13, 2019 at St. Francis Mission Catholic Church in St. Xavier at 10:00 AM. Burial Mission Cemetery. Rosary Wednesday June 12th at 4:00 PM Bullis Funeral Chapel.

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