Preston Leo Grant, Sr.

Preston Grant, ‘Nii’thih ba’ a Qeit’a’ (Big Bird), 72, of Two Leggins, Montana went home to be with the Lord, while surrounded by family and friends, on Saturday, March 30, 2019.

Preston was born on August 23, 1946 in Seattle, Washington to Ceceila Nezperce Grant and Benedict Chandler and adopted and raised by George Grant, Sr.  He lived and grew up in Hays, MT, and left to attend Flandreau High School where he graduated. Preston was then drafted into the U.S. Army where he fought in Vietnam where he was active in combat forces.  He was awarded a Bronze Star for his service to his country. 

On November 28, 1968, he met and married the love of his life, Sandra Stray Calf. The couple made their home in Two Leggins, MT.  Sandra gave him three beautiful children; Presina, Tami and Preston Grant, Jr.  Preston, Sr. was a devoted Dad and grandfather.  He greeted everyone with a smile.

Preston was a true cowboy, through and through. He roped hard and rode tough!  He loved his roping horses, ‘Stay Away Joe’ and ‘Chuck’. Preston was a family man and loved being a grandfather.  He lived and loved the rodeo lifestyle…chasing them white lines down the highway.  

Preston was a Stock Contractor. For many years, he ran some of the best broncs. His favorite broncs were named, ‘Sweet Emma’ and  ‘Dynamite.’  These horses made their rounds around the Rodeo Circuit,  making a well known name for Preston and the family.  Preston was a great person.  He was friendly to everyone he met, telling stories and jokes.  Preston loved to hear people’s laughter. He would always say that laughter was the best medicine. Preston loved to talk about his grandchildren with everyone he ran into, this made his heart proud.  Each grandchild had a special place in his heart. 

He is preceded in death by his mother Cecielia NezPerce Grant and Benedict Chandler, George Grant, Sr.; daughter Sarah ‘Penny’ Stray Calf and grandson Sylvester Deon ‘Baby’ Straycalf.

He is survived by his wife Sandra Grant; children Presina (RJ) Pease and Tami (Anthony) Pease, Preston (Adena) Grant, Jr., Sylvester Straycalf, Rocky (Dominica) Bearcrane, Alex Bearcrane, Sr., Mitchaleen (Tom) Filesteel; adopted children Dionte’ Grant, Hosea Grant, Candace (Jeremy) Wyles and Trevor (Jasmin) Bird, Heidi Campbell, Dale (Melissa) Campbell, Sandi Campbell, Michael Campbell, Frog Campbell and Dehlyn Campbell; grandchildren Jake Running Crow, Karaya ‘Sissy’ Pease, Jay T. Morehead, Donnie ‘Mugsy’ Pretty Weasel, Bobby Preston Pease, Sandi Pease, Austin Stray Calf, Krishante’ Killsontop, Preston Grant Jr.’s children. His extended family includes the Chandler, Grant, Bradley, Cochran, Horse Man, Yellowoldwoman, Wolf Legs, Heavy Shields, Wadsworth, Chief Body, Tail Feathers, Plaiteed, Delaney, Werks, Mont, Whiteclay, Stewart, Old Crane, Horse Capture, Walker, Filesteel, Kings, Shortman, Bear, Hawley, Martha Nezperce families, Louise Three Irons families, Verlie Half families and Emma Beads Don’t Mix families.

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