Regina C. Spotted Horse ~ Stewart

1935 – 2019

Funeral Service is Saturday, October 5, 2019 at 10:00 AM at the First Crow Indian Baptist Church in Lodge Grass, Montana. Burial is at the Lodge Grass Cemetery.

As the sun rose on the morning of February 28, 1935, Uukhisshi Baaxbaash, (Sacred Red Clay), her Indian name given to her by her maternal grandfather, Issac Plenty Hoops, was born.  Regina C. Spotted Horse-Stewart made her debut, full of energy and happiness, and she never stopped until the evening of September 30, 2019, when her body said, “I cannot go on no more.  It is time to rest.” 

Regina was the only girl born to Martin, Sr., and Phyllis Plenty Hoops-Spotted Horse of Lodge Grass. She was also was raised by Marie (Frank) Takes the Gun and a descendant of Chief Spotted Horse.  Regina was a devoted Christian, she was a member of the Wyola Baptist Church as a deacon and prayer warrior for her congregation. She was a member of the American Baptist Indian Caucus Regina married Marvin L. Stewart and later divorced.  

Regina obtained her GED in 1951. Afterwards, she attended Eastern Montana College. In 1976, she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Education. Regina started her endeavor as a teacher by tutoring at Wyola Elementary School. At the same time, she attended Eastern Montana College in the summers which resulted in her earning her BS Degree. In March of 1953, Regina took a trip to Washington D.C. as an Attendant with Alta Driftwood, Joy Matt, Dolores Little Coyote, and with Lucy Yellowmule.  These ladies were given the award for “Outstanding Achievement in Human Relations” and the “Sacajawea Award.” These were given in recognition of outstanding work done, as well as for escorting the LG Poets for Reading at the Library of Congress. She devoted her full attention to her children when they were born and when they started school.  Regina was also the one who pursued, along with her son Kerry, to write and submit to, the Crow Tribal Legislation, a law for approval of the Crow Language (second language), which was passed and signed through the Crow Tribe. After submission of this law, the State of Montana approved Regina with an Endorsement-Class 38 to teach American Indian Languages-Crow Language K-12, signed by Nancy Keenan, Supt. of Public Instruction in 1998.  As a teacher in 1976, she taught K-8 in Wyola Elementary School. Later she taught at the Lodge Grass Elementary School.  After 1998, at the Lodge Grass High School, she taught Crow history, beading, cooking traditional foods and most importantly the Crow language until she retired in 2004.  After retiring, she worked under the 107th Committee and was a member of the Crow Hymns Ministry. 

Regina had a kind gentle soul. She was compassionate and friendly to everyone she came across.  She always made sure everyone was taken care of by helping her family as the matriarch of the Plenty Hoops-Spotted Horse family, never worrying about herself.  Her spirit and kind soul were nourished by her faith in God.  Regina will be remembered for her determination and perseverance to ranching, saving to purchase cattle, hauling hay from her land in the Rotten Grass area and showing her children that getting an education and ranching is a way of life.  Her family and friends will remember her generosity and creativity in her beading and teaching others to make buckskin and elk tooth dresses. Her students will remember how to cook, bead, and tell their history to their children that she taught them with her uplifting can-do spirit.  She designed and made hundreds of buckskin and elk tooth dresses and numerous outfits for men.  Regina was well known for her fry bread and taught many to cook using her recipe. Her recipe was shared with the Battlefield Trading Post and many of her family and friends.  Regina traveled extensively throughout Hawaii, from California through Florida and into Canada.  Regina’s children and grandchildren will never forget her guidance with boundless love and sacrificing and patience she instilled in them. She taught them to smile through adversity, with prayer, and to be respectful to everyone. 

She is preceded in death by her parents Martin Sr., and Phyllis Plenty Hoops-Spotted Horse; her siblings Martin Jr., Paul Sr., Willard, Stanley and Reuben Spotted Horse; daughter Marilyn Stewart; her nephew/son Paul Spotted Horse, Jr.; grandchildren Chezrae and Rashawna (Shi) He Does It and Asa Driftwood; her aunts Alice Mae Tobacco, Eloise and Peggy White Clay, Pauline Whiteman; uncles Hugh and David Plenty Hoops; cousins Franklin, Eleanor, David, Garland, Aline, Cheryl Plenty Hoops, Bonnie White Clay and Rachel Beatty; adopted parents Francis and Cerise Stewart. 

She is survived by her children Natalie (Kim) Colliflower, Leroy and Kerry Stewart; adopted children Kiomy Small and Tyan Stewart; adopted sons Mark and Oliver SH, Johnny and Robin Stewart, Randy and Valyn Not Afraid and Alvisto Hobbs; grandchildren Cerissa, Shannon, Aspen, Joshua, Benjamin, Tiara, Kristin, Wynter Stewart and Isabella Yellowtail; great-grandchildren Hope, Keaunna and Nehemiah, Daien, Jarron and Greg, Payden, Hilario, Mykiah, Joshua, Chance, Kaylen, Breiell, Vinayah, Zahriah, Mila, Izel, Zeke Zeah; her great-great grandchildren Cinch, Aailyah, Arebella, Jada, Kashus, Payson, Shi, Xavion, Nehemiah and Alexis. She took on the role of being a  parent and grandparent to her siblings Paul, Willard, Martin and Stanley Spotted Horse and to Walter “Mickey” and Meta Bear-Cloud Stewart; her adopted siblings Theresa Plenty Hoops, Mamie and Carson Yellowtail, Corrine (Willis) Brugh-Sage, Kelly Bradfield, Maria, Flavina, Henrietta, Darrell, Larry and Henry Bright Wings; her aunt Carol White Clay; her sister-in-law, Adella Spotted Horse; her adopted sisters, Katherine Old Crow, Joy Matt, Angela Russell, Mary Helen Don’t Mix, Christine Yellowtail, Jolene Pretty On Top, Dolly Moore, Audrey Deputee, Annabelle White, Marilyn Chief, Henry John Blaine and Veronica Small; the Wyola Community Baptist Church members and her extended family from the Plenty Hoops, Spotted Horse, Bull Horse, Bright Wings, Dawes, Takes Quick Enemy, Pease, Small, White Clay, Whiteman, White Fox, Walking Bear and Stewart families.  The family would like to thank the Billings Clinic ICU doctors and nurses Trey, Ana and Callen. Please forgive us if we have missed anyone, we have a very large family. 

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