Rhea Plenty Hawk

Rhea D’Ann Plenty Hawk made her journey home on May 27th,2019 and was welcomed home by her precious parents. 

Rhea was born on Aug.29,1978 to Lenora and Arthur Plenty Hawk Sr. in Crow Agency, Mt. She was given her Crow Name Axxaash Biaitcha (Beautiful In The Sun) by the late Shirley Stewart. She is a child of Bad War Deeds and Big Lodge clan.  

She began her schooling in Lodge Grass and she thoroughly enjoyed her academics and friends. She began her 5th & 6th grade years in Wyola and then transferred back to Lodge Grass. She enjoyed her freshman year at Flandrue S.D boarding school. She received her high school diploma at Lodge Grass High School. During high school she excelled in volleyball, basketball, and track.  

After High school, Rhea attended Job Corp in Ronan, MT and completed a CNA certificate. Her family was very proud of her accomplishments. She loved her CNA career and engaging with her patients.  

Rhea was known for her sense of humor. She loved to tease and joke around. She loved to torture her brother-in-laws and she was always ready with a wicked come back and could make everyone laugh until their sides hurt. We will all miss her daily post on Facebook.  

Rhea had a loving heart she was scrappy when she was defending her family and friends, but knew forgiveness was important. Rhea was known for her generosity. No matter how poor she was, she would always give her last to someone else she felt needed it more. 

She was a member of the El Shaddai Church of Wyola. Rhea faced many trials throughout life, but her faith in Jesus never wavered. She knew to call on him when life was hard and Rhea was a loving, and caring mother. She would make sure her kids had everything they needed and that they never had to go without even if that meant she was without. She would drop whatever she was doing to attend to her kids’ needs. She would go above and beyond for them. She would encourage them in everything they did and supported them in everything they wanted to do. She was their biggest fan. She was always proud of them in all that they did. She always made sure her kids were happy. Another one of her happiest, joyfulness and exciting moments in her life was when she became a grandma to her first grandson, Preston Duane. She was so happy and excited the day she got to hold her first grandchild. She helped raise him since he was born. She loved taking care of her grandson. He called Rhea “Mom” and she loved it. He was his grandma’s right hand man. She took him everywhere she went, always had him beside her, she wouldn’t go anywhere without her grandson. When her second grandson was born, she was excited because she got to name him. She loved and enjoyed spending time with all of them. Her time and days with her kids and her grandsons. They all brought love and happiness into her life. They were her pride and joy and her everything. They made her life complete. Rhea always put her kids and grandsons first. She loved them all so much.  

  Preceded in death by Lenora and Arthur Plenty Hawk Sr., Slyvester Sr., Irene Hill, Joseph Not Afraid, Flora Door, Holly Plenty Hawk, Nemiah Broken Rope, Daniel Plenty Hawk, Jeannie, Manerd and Frank Hill and Fannie Fitzpatrick. 

  Survivors include; her sons Lane (Trisha) Plenty Hawk, Anfernee and Caleb Caplett, Xainin Little Wolf, Travis and Oliver Wallace, Shawn, Carl Ty, Dean Jr., Paul Jay Hill, Lydale Nomee; her daughters Shaqayla Falls Down, JonaRae Plenty Hawk, Chantel, Indy, Racheal, Chelsea, Flora Jean Hill, Marlee Stewart, Kitti (Elroy) Nomee, Whitney Vonne Nomee; her sisters Ardith Hogan, Bonnie Hawk, Lorraine Bear Cloud, Adelia Spotted Horse, Nichole Plenty Hawk, Faylene (Albert) Caplett, Ada Morrison, Raylene Hill, Tammy (Edgar) Old Bull, Lucille Dawn Stewart, Alverna, Annie and Lucille Ann Plenty Hawk, Tania Rae, Christina and Shara Rose Bear Don’t Walk, Becky (Evan) Wallace, Shirleen Hill, Lola (JonaFron) Castro, Jeanette(Mandel) Spotted Horse,  Nichole Left Hand, Jennifer (Kenny) Spotted, Trudy Old Crane, Latasha Stops, Arnetta and Theda Walks, Sherry Plenty Hawk, Stacy Walks, Helen Hogan, Terri and Melissa Little Light, Cynthia Pretty On Top; brothers Everdean(Helen) Good Luck, Arthur (Mari) Plenty Hawk Jr., Slyvester Jr., Dean ( Lydia) Hill, Randy Jon and Dewey Brandon Bear Don’t Walk, Jerale Costa, Thomas Morrison, Arty Not Afraid, Terrance and Alduran Takes Enemy, Dee and Les Nomee, Garret Door, Taloni Tsosie, Marlin Cloud, Aronld Plenty Hawk, Aaron (Mary) Yarlott, Clay Spotted, Andrew Little Nest,  Lawrence (Kristy) Pretty On Top; her grandmothers Rosella and Sharon BearDontWalk, Nellie Whiteman, Edwina Venne, Afredine (Eddy) and Vera (Myers Sr.) Brien, Tina Takes Enemy and Karen Rindell; her

grandfathers Kevin Bigboy, Marlin Redstar, Fredrick and Marshall (Barbara) Left Hand, Alfred (Roberta), Conrad, Manford, Ira Walks and Myron Shawn Stewart, Maynerd Crooked Arm, Floyd Horn. 

Extended Family Include, Plenty Hawk, Hill, Not Afraid, Red Star, Walks, Bright Wings, Big Hair, Nomee, LaForge, Little Light, Backbone, Covers Up, Left Hand, Morning, Spint, Cummins, Fights Well Known, Brown, Crooked Arm, Old Coyote, Old Horn, Driftwood, Little Owl, Deputee, Smart Enemy, Rides The Horse, Dust, Bird Far Away, Buffalo, Door, Bulltail. We have a large family we are sorry if we missed anyone. 

Funeral service Saturday at 11:00 AM at Our Lady of Loretto Catholic Gym in Lodge Grass. Burial Lodge Grass Cemetery.

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