Ruben Stewart

Ruben Stewart was taken tragically taken from us on April 15, 2018 in Lodge Grass.  He was born August  24, 1981 in Hardin, the son of Clinton Stewart and Janet Big Lake.  He was raised from birth by his grandmother, LaVern. He was a member of the Piegan and a child of the Piegan Clan.  Ruben grew up in the Lodge Grass area and attended school in Lodge Grass where he participated in football until he broke his arm in junior high.  He received his GED and a certificate in carpentry from the Kicking Horse Job Corps. He studied at Little Big Horn College and was interested in photography. He loved watching the Indianapolis Colts and the Lodge Grass Indian football games.  He was a mentor to his younger brothers and enjoyed watching them participate in their various activities.  

He was preceded in death by Paul and Charlotte Spotted Horse, Phyllis Spotted Horse, Morris Big Lake Sr., Elizabeth Stewart, Angel Stewart, Hub and Lorraine Williamson Jr., Todd and Alan Curtis Old Elk, Sharon, Edith and Jim Big Lake and Margaret Stewart.

Survived by his parents who raised him Trunson and LaVern Williamson, Janet (Elton) Backbone and Clinton (Loretta) Stewart; brothers Morris (Cecelia) Big Lake, Oliver Spotted Horse, Lamar Backbone, JonGary Old Elk, Adrian Stands, Chase and Stratton Williamson, Clinton Stewart Jr., Larny Stewart, Roman Fisher, Isaiah (Amber) Stewart and Lyle Takes Gun; sisters Carolyn (Leon) Pretty Weasel, Pauletta (Terry) Birdinground, Roberta Spotted Horse, Leah Frances Big Lake, Celisa Jefferson, Sandra Stands, MarnyJo Old Elk, Baby Melissa Carpenter, Nalayna Bullinsight, Cynthia Pretty On Top, Kari (Matt) Stops, Alta Mary Deputy, Candy Stewart, Juliette Fisher and Roanna Gets Down;  aunts Maria Rose Big Lake, Gloria (Porgey) Old Elk, Trudy Old Crane, Melveen (Vernon) Fisher, Olivia Williamson, LaVern and Gladys Takes Horse, Mary Whiteman, Jonella Williamson Lockley, Rachel and Roberta Stewart, Ruby (Ben) Jefferson, Janice Gets Down, Tammy (Chris) Dillon, Karen Yarlott, Kimberly (Ralph) Chavez, Roberta Yarlott, Tara (C.J.) Stewart, Tawnya Bird, Mary Leda Falls Down, Leah (Michael) Hill, Marla Jeffers, Hannah Smart, Ethel (Alex) Madill, Eliza and Marcia Not Afraid, Hannah (Shawn) Fitzpatrick, Kari Covers Up, Martha (Aaron) Alden, Cindy Alden, Jolene (Vernon) White Clay, Edwina Stump, Ann North Piegan, Bethina Nomee, Val (Lloyd) Hogan Jr., Betty Morrison, Thomasine Birdinground, Tiara Gopher and Mona Medicine Crow; uncles Dennis Stewart, Hub, Arron and Ron Williamson, Mark Denny, Chris Horn, Champion (Eunice) Takes Horse, Garlon (Garla) Williamson Jr., Joseph (Tia) Buffalo, Elmer and John Buffalo, Charles and Isaac (Polly) Yarlott, Emory and Jade Three Irons, Michael Old Crane, Conklin Big Lake, Gene Bullinsight, Rusty Blaine, Kenneth (Jennifer) and Harding (Shannon) Turnsplenty, Ronnie, Fred and John Big Lake, Bill Old Crow, Rudolph (Darrellene) Old Crow, Newton (Georgette) Old Crow Jr., C.J. (Jana) Not Afraid, Carlton (Lori) Nomee Jr., Alvin Not Afraid Sr., Edward (Tammy) Not Afraid Jr., John Sight, Dee and Les Nomee, Dino Hernandez (Gene Klein) and Chester Medicine Crow; grandparents Adella Spotted Horse, Lorraine (Joseph) Bear Cloud, Ruben and David Stewart, John (Carol) Bullinsight, Wilma Stands, Beverly (Tom) Pretty On Top, Clarise Denny, Loretta Three Irons, Myra Left Hand, Melissa (Sonny) Falls Down, Pinky (Gary) Bird, Sandra (Bobby) Stops, Kathleen Carpenter, Linda (Gary) Howie, Beldean LaForge, Delmyrna Yarlott, Tina Yarlott, Rosella (Garrett) Stewart, Marcia (Benito) Brown, Torie (Oliver) Half, Mary Bonko, Alvin (Lucille) Yarlott Sr., Aaron (Althea) Yarlott Sr., Ron (Clarise) Medicine Crow, Garnet Watan, Elias (Theo) Hugs, Clara Hugs, Beldean (Blaine) Small, L.T. (Tammy) Hugs, Davine, Linda and Francine Morrison, Laura (Henry) Rides Horse, Judy, James and Glenda Morrison, Tommy (Mildred) Carpenter, Benito (Kathy), Manuel and Norman (Lynn) Morrison, Larry (Agnes) Pretty Weasel, Rena (Joe) Pickett, Ruby Williamson, Jean Tushka, Olive Yarlott, Arna (Daniel) Takes Enemy, Rena Yellowrobe, Artie Not Afraid, Tom LaForge, Paul Morning, Marie Lincoln, Lois (Jerome) White Hip, Janet Costa, Jennifer (Lawrence) Flat Lip Sr., Sampson (Eva) and Calvin (Alpha) Birdinground;  his great grandmother the Matriarch of the Morrison Family Caroline Mountain Sheep; nieces His baby girl Tatyonna, Genesis Backbone, LuvleighLavern, Savanah Jo and Baby Dionne Medicine Horse, Kiesha Big Lake, Lily Stands, Orleana Birdinground, Orlanda (Traylynn) Little Light, Janelle (James) Day Child, Owena and Paula Spotted Horse; nephews Todd and Weston Weigand, Richard Bird, Brandon, Mandale, David and Martin Spotted Horse, Tymer Big Lake and Arcee Not Afraid; his mentor Jay Weigand. 

Extended families Medicine Crow, Big Lake, Yarlott, Stewart, White Clay, Lincoln, Williamson, Not Afraid, Morrison, Hugs, Bullinsight, Shane, Big Day, DeCrane, Little Owl, Jefferson, Iron, Pretty Weasel, Takes Enemy. Our family is large, if in our grief we have forgotten you, please accept our most, sincerest apology.

Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements. Funeral Friday Apr. 20 at 1:00 PM at the Bullis Funeral Chapel and burial at the Lodge Grass Cemetery.

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