Terra Lou Medicine Top

Terra Lou Medicine Top Old Dwarf, 52, of Crow Agency, Montana went to the Other Side Camp on September 10, 2021. She was born on April 25, 1969 in Crow Agency to Emmette Medicine Top, Sr., and Lois Crooked Arm. She was a member of the Ties the Bundle clan. Her Indian name Baah-sax-bii-siit-chah given to her by the late Wallace Iron and she lived up to her name.
Terra was raised in the Dunmore near Black Lodge Falls area. She was the second oldest of seven kids. Terra helped raise her younger siblings. She attended school at Pretty Eagle Catholic School and graduated 8th grade and continued her education at Lodge Grass High School and graduated. She attended college at Haskell Indian College. When she returned home, she went to work for the Crow Tribe as a secretary a position she held for many years.
Karri, Terra and Berna were always a Trio, you hardly saw them apart. Growing up they loved to sing Gospel songs and would travel with their mother Lois Crooked Arm to every camp meeting and Revival all across Indian Country. In her younger years she was a member of the United Pentecostal Church in Hardin and later became a member of El Shaddai Church in Wyola, MT. During that time at El Shaddai Pastor Myron would have a play called “Is your name written” and Terra participated in the play and the Trio and mother would travel with the Church to perform.
When her uncle, Edmund Little Light Jr. created his own hand game team the River Crows, Terra didn’t hesitate to be on the Junior Team. She enjoyed traveling with her family to play hand-games at Oklahoma every November.
Terra met the love of her life, Wallace Old Dwarf and married him on Valentine’s Day. The couple made their home at Wallace’s mother’s home in Lodge Grass Mt. From this union, they had three children Sarah-Paige, Alan and Julia Old Dwarf. Wallace passed away August 25, 2005. She was lonesome for her husband and sisters. She would always talk about her days with Karri, Berna and Wallace.
In 2014, she bought her first home and invited Bro. Jim Felix of Canada to have a Revival. Bro. Jim came and blessed her home. She then took him on a shopping spree where he had no limit on what to buy. When it came to Bro. Jim Felix she never hesitated to help him in what he needed, she loved the Man of God. Terra was always willing to help someone in need she never said no. She would take her shoes off and give them to someone who needed them.
Terra is preceded in death by her husband Wallace Old Dwarf; her maternal grandparents Charles and Florence Brown Jr. and Otto Crooked Arm; her paternal grandparents Clarence and Agnes Medicine Top; her sisters and brother Karri, Berna and Alan Medicine Top, Gladys and Otelia Crooked Arm, Patricia Little Light, Alan Little Light, Carl Venne, Jr., Ryan Harjo, Darius JC Rowland, Vanessa Gardner, Sarah Pratt, BuckingHorse Grayboy, Ieshia Rivers, Rosa Bulltail, Lane Fitzpatrick and Demarco Archilta.
Survivors include her four daughters Paige Medicine Top, Alan and Julia Old Dwarf, Paiton Medicine Top, her son Zachary Old Dwarf; her mother Lois Crooked Arm; her father Emmette Medicine Top, sisters Gusena (Keven)Howe, Natashia Crooked Arm, Amelia Wilkinson, Larae, Patience, Angeline White, Aretha Brown, Lelah McConnell, Shawna Stops, Susan White Shirt, Lucinda Black Eagle and Jamie Chandler, Angelica and Feather Rowland, Sabettes, Shasheen, Starlene Medicine Top. Brothers Albert Rivers, Emmette Medicine Top Sr., Otto White, Robert (Nicole) and Evander Old Coyote , Dr. Robert( Melissa) Ornelas, , John Wilson, Richie Shane, Manford (Laura), Donald Jr. (Junetta), Leonard Gary Gardner, Aunties Charlene Brown, Margaret (Columbo) Stops, Linda (Duwayne) Birdinground, Rosella (Isaac) Shane, Edwina Little Light; her uncles Curtis (Wanda) and Yvon Little Light; nieces Hilary Isis, Kevyana Howe, Jamesci, JaiCeiYon DeCrane, Markelia Pretty On Top, Leonarda, Talena Boyiddle, Jada Archilta, Annie Jo Britt, Theodora White, Florence Bullshows, Burgundy, Meadow, Hailey, Cora Chalepah, Lacy Old Coyote, Jolisa, Charly, Jazzlyn, Jakoya Black, Mandy Iron Horse, Beatrice (Eric) Castro, Cooper Rivers, Serena Rivers, Lorna, Lynn, and Rona Gardner, Camille G. Nephews Chalan Medicine Top, Brayden and Asher Howe, Alandon DeCrane, Michael Teller, Johnny White Shirt, William III and Mervin Boyiddle, Jadence and Desmond Archilta, Joel Britt, Otelian White, Noah, Michael, Lawrence Bullshows, Leonadro Old Coyote, Scooter and Tanner Stops, Joshua, Preston Black. Her special Friends were Olivia Bear Claw, Delsey Real Bird, Beth Real Bird, Kathy Rodrigues and Cleone Shawl. Terra has as large family on the Crooked Arm, Little Light and Medicine Top sides, Please excuse us if we have forgotten to mention you in our time of grief.

Funeral Services Tuesday September 14, 2021 at 1:00PM at the Bullis Funeral Chapel. Burial Crow Agency Cemetery.

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