Wilma Stewart

Wilma Louise Stewart, matriarch of the Backbone Family,
passed away on Sunday, June 9, 2019 at the age of 79. Her Indian
name means, “Eagle That Sits”
Wilma was raised by her grandparents Pearl Bloodman and
McKinley Backbone. She belongs to the Whistling Water Clan and is
a Big Lodge Child. Wilma always enjoyed going to and watching
Pow-Wows, Arrow Throwing and Cruising. Her favorite activity,
however, was putting puzzles together.
She is preceded in death by her husband, her parents, her sisters
Brenda He Does It, Shirley Stewart and Cora Bends; her daughter
Doren Old Bull; her son Donald Old Bull; her brothers Clinton He
Does It and Joseph He Does It, Jr.; her grandson Clinton Old Bull and
her nephew William “BJ” Backbone, III.
She is survived by her children Leonard Gardner, Sr., Harold Old
Bull, Wesley Jefferson, Jr., Margaret Gail Brown, Gwen Little Nest; the children of her aunts Ruth Alden, Delphine Onion and Frances Bends; the children of her uncles Frank Backbone and Harold
Backbone; her adopted children Maurice Mountain Sheep, Brian Old Bull, Jennifer Onion, Geneva Walks Over Ice and Frances Stewart; her sisters Helen Old Coyote Jolena He Does It, Jean St. Germaine and Sharolyn Nomee; her brothers Billy Backbone and Robert Nomee; her aunts Anita Morin and Carol Ann White Clay; 22 grandchildren and 47 great grandchildren. Extended family includes the Backbone, Bloodman, Left Hand, Birds, Pretty On Top, Walks, Bear Below, Not Afraid, Buffalo, Falls Down, Williamson,
Dust, Bad Boy, Spotted Horse, Jefferson, He Does It, Tobacco,
Morrison, Pickett, Bull Chief, Anderson, Real Bird, Medicine Horse,
Hugs, Little Owl, Carpenter, Sees the Ground and Bad Bear.
Our family is large, please forgive us if we have forgotten anyone in
our time of grief.
Funeral service Wednesday June 12, 2019 at 11:00 AM at the Lodge Grass Baptist Church and burial following in the Lodge Grass Cemetery.

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