Deona Autumn Old Crow

The Bible says, “…tomorrow is not promised to anyone and our days are numbered…” (Proverbs 27:1)
Deona Autumn Old Crow, went to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our Father In Heaven on August 30, 2019 at the age of 32. She was surrounded by loved ones…her babies, family, friends and so many who loved her. They traveled near and far to be with her during her passing.
She was born in Tuba City, Arizona on September 21st, 1986. Deona was born into two tribes, Navajo and Crow.
Her mother is Joanne Bedonie-Old Crow of Tuba City, Arizona and her father is Newton Old Crow, Jr. (Georgette) of Crow Agency, Montana. As a half Navajo woman, she was of the Manygoat Clan and born of the half Crow Big Lodge. Among her Crow people her Indian name was, Awaxawaakash (Sees The Mountain).
It was in her father’s nature to be humorous with all his children. According to him, Deona lived 12,031 days during her lifetime, just 23 days shy of her 33rd birthday. Deona married Marv Old Horn, Sr. in 2003 and had three precious children. From 2006 to 2007 Deona and Marv, Sr. lived in Tuba City, Arizona where their eldest son Marv, Jr. was born. Upon her return to Montana she lived in Hardin for about three years. Their daughters Destiny and Abigail were born in Billings. While living in Billings Deona began her Certified Nursing Assistance training program at Platinum Career Solutions. She performed very well in her educational program. In 2016, she obtained her CNA license and began working at the Billings Health and Rehabilitation center, now called Avantara. She did so well in her studies that she was one of the few selected to work for this facility. She loved her patients whom she cared for, although in her own words some were irritable and “crabby.” That same year she moved back to Hardin, Montana where she made her home until she passed away.
In 2016, Deona and Marv, Sr. separated and there upon she met her significant other or in her own words her “special friend,” Austin Little Light, also known as “Pudge,” who became apart of her and her children’s lives. Deona and Austin were together up until the time she passed on into the spirit world. Austin and his mother, Kaylene were
at her bedside when she passed, along with many of us who were there with her. Pudge is known in the pow-wow circle for his singing in pow-wows and playing in hand games. He and Deona attended many pow-wows and hand games, which she enjoyed.
Deona made her home among her Crow People for the past 18 years. The homes she made were always welcoming and cozy to all who came to visit her. Deona had so much love, kindness, compassion and generosity to extend to others. She was beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. There are not enough words to describe her humility to all whom she came in contact with her. She is said to have literally fed angels many times…these were homeless people and drunks whom she encountered
while on picnics in the park with her family. Upon her feeding them she would realize the people she fed would be gone instantly, therefore she thought they may have been angels. As it states in Hebrew 13:2, “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for in so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.” This was true in her case.
Our Deona lived a short life but she was able to accomplish so much in her 32 years. She will always be remembered as a true, compassionate daughter of God and we, her family and friends, thank our Heavenly Father for sending us such a wonderful spirit.

Deona is survived by her children Marv Old Horn, Jr. (12), Destiny
Autumn Lyn Old Horn (5), and Abigail Mae Old Horn (4); her mother
Joanne Bedonie Old Crow of Flagstaff, Arizona; her eldest sister Vanessa Jo Old Crow of Flagstaff, Arizona; her older brother Brennon (Lorita) Old Crow, of Billings, Montana; her younger sister Sariah Old Crow of Hardin, Montana; Her father Newton, Jr (Georgette) Old Crow; her brothers and sisters Gabriel Norman Old Crow, Sophia Old Crow, Eden Old Crow and Cedric Old Crow. She is also survived by her “special friend,” Austin Little Light; her nieces and nephews Cedar Chase, Lucy
Goes Ahead, Lamani Goes Ahead-Old Crow; Katlyn Old Crow, Kacey,
Kailani, Bailey, Tirzah Oldcrow, Kymai Jupiter and Malina Howe. Deona was
blessed with many, many relatives, including grandparents, uncles,
aunts, and cousins on both her Navajo and Crow sides. Crow Family consists of paternal grandparents Newton Old Crow, Sr., Arnold Wilkinson, Ed Not Afraid, Joe Bear Cloud, and Paternal Adela Spotted Horse; Joy Matt; Katherine Old Crow; Caroline Morrision; Lorrain Bear Cloud; her cousin sisters Vania White, Monica Carlson,
Ilona Old Crow, Victoria North Piegan, Crystal Old Crow, Cynthia Cummins, Rachel and Dorothy Pretty On Top; cousin brothers Ross and John Boy Caplett, Kendall Old Elk, Sam Carlson, Sr., Rudy, RJ, Ryan Old Crow, Andy and Leon Stump; Jeff North Piegan; Jonathan, Evan, Lawrence, Alvin Even Pretty On Top, Alvin Not Afraid, Jr.; paternal uncles: Knute and William, Preston, Craig, Martin Old Crow, Paul Matt, Jr., Manuel Pretty On Top, Carlton Nomee, Clinton, Louie Good Luck, Robert Brien, CJ, Alvin, Sr., Dee, Les Nomee and Marlin Yo Yo; paternal aunts; adopted mother Fatima Bad Horse, Darreldlene, Anne, Bobbie-Anne, Edwina, Adora, Felecia, Yolanda, Lucinda, Roxanne, Lawren Old Crow, Maria, Tiffany Matt, Anita, Trudy One Bear, Julie, Sheila, Audie, Ginger, Joyce, Bertina, Joleen, Cindy and Martha Bear Cloud, Ethel, Marsha, Eliza and Hannah Old Horn. For those whom we have failed to mention, we sincerely apologize, but you know who you are.
Navajo Family consists of maternal grandparents Sadie Yazzie, Harrison Zohnnie and Jennifer June; her maternal cousin sisters Ravina, Sistina Molina; Diane, Lynn Bedonie, Sarah Friday, Amanda Trilllo, Latanah Jefferson; cousin brothers Gavino, Jr, Valentino Molina, Joe, Robert, Jr. Bedonie, Carlos Smith, Hunter Red Day, Dushane, Cardell Jefferson; maternal aunts Lorraine Red Day, Margaret Jefferson, Irene, Clara, Chris Bedonie, Sharron Torrez, Oceal Brock, Zoe Helen Lewis, Sandra Tsinnie, Zoeanne Dressler, Govianna Teller, Delilah Bohane, Wilsina Zohnnie, Michelle ,Celeste Miller; maternal uncles Robert Bedonie, Sr., Dino Hadley, Dan Hadley, III, Jason Sloan and Michael Sloan. For those whom we have failed to mention, we sincerely
apologize in our time of grief. You know who you are.
Funeral Service is Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 10:00 AM at the Spirit of Life Foursquare Church. Burial to follow at the Lodge Grass Cemetery. Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.

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