Dominic “Mick” Flatmouth, Sr.

Dominic “Mick” Reginald Flatmouth Sr , was born to Ronald Flatmouth Sr. and Francine Morrison  on  January 2, 1976 in Crow Agency.  Baaaniitcheesh (Talks Good To Others) was his Indian name given to him by his grandfather, Allen Old Horn. Mick left this world to be with his Lord and Savior with his family by his side April 6, 2018.


Mick was a child of the Big Lodge and he was a Sore Lip Clan. He was raised in Black Lodge, No Water and Benteen and always called Black Lodge home. He was raised by Aunt and Uncle Laura and Henry Rides Horse Jr. He called his uncles Benito and James Morrison “Dad” and he called Eugenia and Linda Morrison “Auntie Mom”.  He was affectionately called “Pooh Bear” by his siblings.


He graduated from Hardin High School in 1995 where he participated in Cross Country and basketball, and summer softball leagues. He started working with BIA Forestry at the age of 18 traveling throughout the United States fighting fire. He participated in the recovery of the space shuttle Columbia.

He worked for Billings Livestock, Advance Employment, Pays Public Auction Yard, Apsaalooke Nights Casino and in the summer he worked for Brad Butler, Inc. He was looking forward to his summer employment of traveling the United States as engine boss. 


He was married to Dorcella Three Irons and was later divorced.


He is survived by his children Dominic (Martika) Jr. and Harmon Flatmouth, Thomas Bulltail, Mikayla Three Irons, Saria Curlew, Andreyes Not Afraid, Brylee, Jontel, Jessa and Adrian Gardner and his baby Sammy Jo Reed; his parents Ronald Flatmouth Sr and Francine Morrison, his common-law wife Sherri Not Afraid; his siblings Ron Jr., Nicolette, Carlena, Candice, Brandon, Jeremy, Shamon and Priscilla Flatmouth, Bobbi Jo (Darrin) Old Coyote, Owena Spotted Horse, Dusty Howe and John Hanley; grandparents David Yarlott Sr., Edward Not Afraid Jr., Ronnie Stewart, Peter and Marcella Greybull, Chester Birdhat, Caroline Morrison, Beverly and Dennis Huber, Elma Greybull, Arletta Young and Rosalie Turnsback; his uncles Benito (Kathryn) Morrison, Art Alden, Leon (Loreen) Flatmouth, Randall (Sierra) Not Afraid and Wayne Edgar, William (Christina ) Gardner Sr., Eric Grey Bull, Robert Nomee, Melvin Stops Gary (Luvenia) Rides Horse, Ruben (Christine), Ellsworth (Polly) and Lawrence (Martha) DeCrane and Alvin (Lucille), Aaron (Althea), David, Eugene, Curtis, Marlin and Elmer Yarlott , Herschel and James Hill, Willis III, Albert, Roland Medicine Horse and Jason Doney. Aunts Lucille Other Medicine, Judy and Glenda Morrison, Jackie(Larry) Blacksmith,  Elsie Half, Johnann Hogan, Paulette Not Afraid, Claudia, Kathleen, and Rebecca Flatmouth, Georgia Dolly Not Afraid, Nicolett (Ken) Grey Bull, Renee (Lansing) Crooked Arm, Bertha Old Bull, Violet Enick, Katherine Stops, Pamela Little Light, Warlene Comes Up, Irma Birdhat, Sharon and Sheila Rides Horse, Mary, Berleyne, Althea, Rachel, Anglea DeCrane, Mary Bonko, Delmyrna Yarlott and Marcia Brown, Mary Mullenberg, Debbie Backbone, Janice Speelman, Barbara Bright Wings, Karen, Jolene, Theresa and Cornelia Medicine Horse.


Mick was preceded in death by his grandparents Alvin and Roseline Morrison Jr., Simon (Sammy Other Blackbird) and Priscilla Flatmouth; great grandparents Peter and Nora Passes Grey Bull, and great great grandmother; Laura Plain Left Hand and Daniel and Esther Birdhat Other Blackbird and uncles Alvin III, Larry Kane and Randy Morrison, Edgar and Fred Alden Jr. and Russell Flatmouth, his two older brothers Alvin Morrison IV and a stillborn baby.


Extended families are Morrison, Yarlott, Old Bear, Alden, Humphrey, Old Horn, Goes Ahead, DeCrane, Hugs, Other Medicine, Whiteclay, Plainfeather, Blaines, Medicine Horse, Other Blackbird, Flatmouth, Birdhat, Bellrock, Bad Bear, Snell, Little Owl., Plain Left Hand, Old Bull, Gun Shows, Hunts Arrow, Moccasin, Grey Bull, Passes, North Dakota relatives Fredericks, Halls, Youngbirds. Our family is very large, please forgive us if we have omitted your name in our time of grief.


Funeral services are Tuesday, April 10 at 11:00 at Bullis Funeral Chapel in Hardin and burial will follow at Hardin Fairview Cemetery.





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