Irma Jane Birdhat

Irma Jane Dawes Lionshows Birdhat, 82, went home to be with her Lord and Savior on August 30, 2021. She was born May 31, 1939 to Jason “Amos” Dawes Two Leggins and Elizabeth Other Blackbird. Irma was a descendant of Chief Two Leggins. At the age of two, her aunt Elise and uncle Louis Lion Shows Sr. adopted her. She went to Pryor Public School and high school in Edgar. At the age of 18, she was saved and a few months later became an assistant pastor at her parent’s home, where they held church services every weekend. She learned how to play guitar at her home church and became one of the first women to integrate electric guitar into worship. In 1965, she adopted Nina Renee Stewart and in 1966 she met the love of her life Edward Birdhat and they made their home in Pryor, Montana.

After school, she dedicated her life to both musical and traditional arts. She beaded without templates and worked  at the  Pryor Arts and Crafts  in the 70’s. Irma was also employed by the WIC program as a social worker. She was a teacher’s aide at the Pryor Public School and a caretaker for the Plenty Coup Museum in 1995.

She is preceded in death by her parents and her husband Edward Birdhat. Her brothers Hubert Dawes Jr., Norman Dawes Sr., Bruce Dawes, Claude Dawes Jr., Leo Stewart Sr, and Phillip Beaumont Sr; her sisters Rosemary Dawes, Elsie Pretty Paint, Pansy Dawes, Claudine (Baby Blue) Dawes, Erma Lee Other Medicine, her grandsons Stevan Little Light, Colter Dawes and Carson Dawes; her great grandson Edward Thomas Big Hail. And her nephew Arnold Stewart, Sr. She is survived by her children Nina R. Yellowtail, Mary Birdhat, Gail Birdhat-White and Chet (Miranda) Not Afraid and those she raised; Clyde Pretty Paint, Ali BearCrane, Berdie BearCrane, Aled (Monica) Coca, Amos Birdhat, Devin (Joliz) Birdhat, Brian Yellowtail, Chesiree White and Colt White; her adopted children Lavonne Scalpcane, Artie Smells, Melton Round Face and Tim (Sherri) Birdhat;  her grandchildren Cheryl (Latrell) Bird, Terrell Yellowtail, James White, Cheska, Chester Jr.  and Mathius Not Afraid; her great grandchildren Kordell, Heaven, Sandy and Raymond BigHail, Ezra Stranger, Corral Coversup, Edward, Donald and Joel King Spotted Tail, Lourall and Iyree Little Light, Gracen and Baby Stevan Birdhat, Lakelyn and Latrell Jr. Bird, Hila Coca and Taylor Birdhat, and her great, great granddaughter Gabriella BigHail Realbird; her nieces and nephews and their families Burdick (Billie) Two Leggins, Marjean (Bemus) BigHair, Norma Jane (Gordon) Morning, Janet and Julie , Mike and Leo Stewart Jr., Karna (Thomas) Yarlott, Tommy (Cheryl) Gary and Bruce Dawes, Bernita BullChief, Rosalind Coversup, Connie (Dean) Bullshows, Lena (Jerry) Bullchief; her brothers and sisters Warlene Comesup, Pamela Little Light, Martha Singer, Janice Gets Down, Katherine Old Crow, Susie Singer, Maudine Stewart, Ramona Keller, Willie Stewart, Melvin Stops, Gary RidesHorse, Dean Dawes, Roland Plainfeather, Sheila RidesHorse, Sharon RidesHorse, Leta RidesHorse, Gene and Lana Mountain Sheep, Claudia and Rebecca Flatmouth.Joanne Rock Above and Alice (Grady) Hunts Arrow Our family is large, please excuse us if we have forgotten you in our time of grief. 

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