John Chief Child

John Burgess Chief Child, 46, of Crow Agency, MT made the journey to the other side

camp on August 8, 2021, surrounded by family.  He was born on August 2, 1975. A son of Elsie and the late Dan Half.  Biological father the late Ross Old Crow.

He was a member of the Big Lodge and child of the Big Lodge clan.  He married and later divorced the late Rhea Plenty Hawk.  He grew up in the Crow Agency area and attended Crow Elementary, Pretty Eagle and St. Labre High School.   While at Pretty Eagle, he traveled to Chicago, Illinois to compete in cross country and was a state champion.  He also participated in basketball.  He traveled, the rodeo circuit with his family and friends in his younger years.  These endeavors took him rodeos where he entered bull riding and team roping.  He enjoyed hunting with his family and friends.  He broke horses and later worked odd jobs doing carpentry work.  He took special pride in making sure his mother’s yard was well kept and prepared the sweat for his mother and family during the week.  He was one who stayed busy and never satisfied with nothing to do.

John was preceded in death by his adopted parents, Walter and  Delphine Onion, Dani Rose Half, Walter Cyrus, Pete, Leo Onion, Jason WhiteHip, Paul, Christian Stewart, Clayton Bad Bear, Jr., emery Medicine Horse, Christian Monroy, Carol Stops, Renee, Geraldine, Gloria, Gerald Little light, Jr., Starla, Nathan and Starla Old Crow, Tanner Black Eagle; his grandparents Wilma and John Onion, Mabel Kills Crooked Face, Diane Not Afraid-Russell, Simon and Anna Old Crow.

John is survived by his mother, parents Maria and Preston Onion and Clayton Bad Bear,Sr., sons Lane (Trish) and Donnie; daughters Jonarae and Shaqayla; grandchildren his pride and joy, Preston, Baby Lane (LJ) and Danilyn; brothers Rooster, Lee Onion, Cody and Bryce Meeks, Hunter and Nathan Chief Child, Jerry, Brent Little Light, Bernard Dust, Harold Crooked Arm, Willie, Leroy Not Afraid, Preston and Newton Old Crow, Jr., Darwin Spotted, Allen Plain Bull, Garette Yellow Robe, Lance Stewart, Johnny and Donnie Harjo; sisters Nancy, Dannette, Charla, Leona Half, Danica Crooked Arm, Grace Kluding, Stacey, Velma, JJ (Johnann-Johnice), Stormey, Jennifer Onion, Randean, Rhoda, Rochelle Bad Bear, Adora, Felicia, Yolanda, Lucinda Old Crow, Fatima Bad Horse, Berna and Bernadine Dust, the Bear Don’t Walk girls; uncle Thomas Onion, John, Gary Buffalo, Bruce Little Light, Robert, Jonathan Takes Enemy, Jerry Pretty Weasel, Clinton Walks, Albert, Roland, Willis Medicine Horse, Newton Old Crow, Sr.; aunts Johnann, Clara, Dora, Pearl, Lucille Yarlott, Dora Mae Hugs, Lucille Other Medicine, Cornelia, Jolene, Vicky, Karen, Abigail, Wyla, Jackie, Joy Matt; grandparents Myrna, Deanna, Janice, Patty Medicine Horse, Francine, Barbara, Paulette, Marilyn, Arvilla, Marlin, Garland, Ben, Chris, Troy Cloud, Lawrence Pete, Bemus Big Hair, Larry (Carol) Old Elk, Bernadine Evans and Monnie of Washington.  Extended family Chief Child-Onion, Medicine Horse, High Hawk, Kills-Crooked Face, Yarlott, Buffalo, Takes Enemy, Hunts the Arrow, Not Afraid, Old Crow.  We apologize if we have forgotten anyone in our time of grief.

Funeral services Friday August 13, 2021 at 11:00 AM at the Bullis Funeral Chapel. Burial Crow Agency Cemetery.

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