Kaysera Stops Pretty Places

Kaysera Ruth Stops Pretty Places was born August 14, 2001 to Geralyn Bulltail and Alan Stops.
She was named Good Woman by Carty Goes Ahead and Pretty Eagle Woman by Jocelyn Costa
Her families are from the Crow, Northern Cheyenne, Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara tribes. She was very close to her great-grandparents Clara and Joseph who raised her and she loved to visit her kaale Winona Yellowtail. Kaysera was also raised by her grandma Yo and her many mothers including Cedar, Percelia, and Grace.
Kaysera attended high school in Hardin, Missoula, Northern Cheyenne, Lame Deer, and Chemawa Indian School.
Kaysera was very athletic. She participated in many sports including cross country, track, basketball, wrestling, and football. In high school she participated in swing choir, speech and drama club, and performed in several school theatre productions. She dreamed of being an actress and performer. Kaysera was very giving and she took to rescuing stray animals. She had many friends and with her kind heart she was beloved by many who knew her. She was a hard worker wherever she was employed and intended to work as soon as she was able to be an independent adult. She adored and cared for her little sister, Karots and always included her sister in her future aspirations and plans. Kaysera is known for her warm, kindhearted personality and loved to laugh, dance, sing, and entertain her friends. Kaysera participated in Sundance from the age of 14. She was baptized in the Catholic Church. Kaysera was raised by several communities of family and friends and will be deeply missed.
She is preceded in death by her great-grandparents Joseph and Clara Bulltail, Evan and Evadne Gillette, Bobby Stops, Emil Fraser, LaForce Lonebear; grandfathers Alex Bulltail and Garral Stops; uncles Kaleb Ras and Elan Bulltail.
She is survived by her parents; grandmothers Yolanda Fraser of Muddy Creek and Sandra Gillette of Whiteshield, North Dakota; great-grandmothers Norma Stops, Juanita Lonebear, Geneva Whiteman, Susan Stewart, Gloria Monares, Lona McCallister, Percine Nez Perce, Mary Turnsplenty, Charlene Laverdure, Susie Buerkle, Shirleen Glenn and Jocelyn Costa; great-great-grandmother Agnes Prettyweasel; her grandmothers include Carmela Brown, Pielene Glenn, Roberta Hunter, Jill Gillette, Greta Hosie, Jeannie and April Dillon, Sharon Peregoy, Vanessa Watts, Maya Bronson, Delora Old Elk, Dorie Bulltail, Marlene Falls Down, Angie (Clayton) Good Luck; great-grandfathers Ronnie Stewart Pie Glenn, Rueben Decrane, Lawrence Decrane, Alsworth Decrane, John Watts and John Frost; grandfathers Dennis, Joey (Alvalene), Thomas, Ricky, and Benji Bulltail, Barry Glenn, Alvin and Courtney Stewart, Glenn Cuyjet, Austin and Vance Gillette, Noah Watts and Johnny Stops; mothers Cedar, Percelia, and Grace Bulltail; aunts Tiffany Glenn, Israel Gillette, Misty Stewart, Kristle and Delia Little Light, Alethea Stops, Darling Bulltail, Hilary Alden, Elizabeth Little Owl, Theroline and Sienna Sun, Kiara Manuelito, Brocade and Marmi Stops, Laura Ortman, Sienna and Sequoyah Hunter- Cuyjet, Hanni and Dorothy Deagan; uncles Justin Ras, Corbin Plays, Rueben, Armund, Alex, BJ and Joseph Pierre Bulltail; sisters Karissandra and Courtney Stops, Tierra Williamson, Aspen Left Hand, Ronette Anderson, Beatrice and Carmelia Horn, Aisha and Ananda; brothers Eaias Stops, Richard Bird, Kale Limberhand, Ronald Anderson, Kebo Prettyweasel, Waddy and Corbin Left Hand, Davontae Jefferson, Ronato Bulltail, MJ Little Light and Jade; families include the Stewart, Yellowtail, Spotted Horse, Yarlott, Bends, Moccasins, Beads, Whiteman Runs Him, Decrane, Turnsplenty, Goes Ahead, Whiteman Stops, Fraser, Robinson, Spang, Harris, Two Two, Gillette, Baker, Hunts Arrow, Carpenter, Jefferson, Little Owl, Picketts, Big Lake, Hugs, Iron Cloud, Scout, Locke, Old Bull, Brightwings, Red Star, Bear Crane, Laforge and Brown families. Please forgive us if we have forgotten anyone in this time of grief. Funeral Service Tuesday, September 17 at 10:00 AM at the Bullis Funeral Chapel. Visitation Monday, September 16 from 10:00 AM to 4:00. Private family disposition. Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements.

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