When Death Occurs


First, notify immediate family members. Call some close relatives to gather  together and assist in notifying the most appropriate people such as family, friends employer, funeral home, clergy etc.

Second, gather important information and make it available to those helping you. The following list is a good start.

  • Name of the deceased
  • Deceased's residence address (City, State, Zip, Phone).
  • Deceased's Social Security Number
  • Time of death
  • Current location of the body
  • Facility name if applicable (City, State, Zip, Phone).
  • Attending physician's name and phone number.
  • Your name
  • Your residence (City, State, Zip, Phone numbers)
  • Your relationship to the deceased

Third, contact Bullis Mortuary for funeral arrangements and planning. We are available 24 hours a day to begin the following important steps...

  • We transport the departed from the place of death to our funeral home and begin the important steps involved in taking care of the deceased.
  • We obtain a death certificate.
  • We help you select the best suited casket, urn and/or grave marker.
  • We arrange and facilitate the funeral, memorial and/or burial service.
  • We prepare the obituary.
  • We help you notify the deceased's employer, attorney, insurance company and banks.
  • We can help direct you to other resources as well.

Give us a call at (406) 665-1207 we can help you through the process.