Kevin White

Kevin Bryan White, 32, of Crow Agency, was tragically taken from us on August 8, 2021. He was born January 6, 1989 in Crow Agency, MT, a son of Kaylene Alden and the late Lyndon Dean White. His Indian name Íikoosh Xisseesh “Eagle Bone Whistler” was given to him by the late John Cummins. He was a member of the Big Lodge clan and a child of the Big Lodge. Kevin grew up at his great grandparents, the late Fred and Ruth Alden’s ranch off of #313. He was raised by many great people,including; Mama Jana and Mama Cindy (the late Fred Alden III), Victor and Adrena Yarlott, Darius and Velda Deputee, Frank (the late Marva) Knows his Gun, Lyndon and Rona Driftwood, Virgil and Nakia Weaselbear, the late Jacki and Sarah House and Dewey Bulltail. He was thrown away to the late John Cummins. Kevin’s dad, Lyndon, taught him when he was in head start. He went to elementary and middle school at Pretty Eagle Catholic School. Kevin attended one year of high school at Skyview and later finished at Hardin High School where he thrived in wrestling, basketball, welding, and rodeo club. He was voted the Best Dressed Western Cowboy on the rodeo team. He graduated from Hardin High School in 2008. Kevin was an extremely talented horseman, jockey, saddle bronc rider, and ranch hand. Kevin helped with brandings whenever he got the chance. You could always find him at the barns and found the love for it from his grandpa Cleo. He loved being outdoors, playing hand games with the Black Lodge Tigers and was an avid Dallas Cowboys fan. He was a part of the Black Lodge Junior Handgame Championship in 2017 and was named fanciest hider. Kevin had much respect for his brothers in law and always greeted his family with excitement and joy. Kevin was very humble and never failed to let his family know how much they meant to him. He was very loving and supportive. He never failed to teach, guide, support, and love his nieces and nephews. It was always his favorite thing to do. He even gave nicknames to a few of the kids that he was close to; Terrel (Handsome), Mashaya (Bessie), Fredalynn (Pennies), Teagan (Poopie Bastien), Kalsei (Mouse), Anfernee (Baby Sheep), Neveah (Rogregus), Tara (Waawaa), Taylan (Brother T) and Leesa (Cheetos) and The Norz (Pretty on Top girls). Kevin always went out of his way to make sure everyone around him felt special. He was always telling jokes and was determined to make everyone laugh. He loved to tease his sisters in law. When with Kevin, you always got a smile, a laugh and lots of love.
Kevin is preceded in death by his father, Lyndon Dean White; grandparents, Fred & Ruth Alden, Elizabeth White, Starr Not Afraid Sr., Bill & Shirley Stewart, & Victor Dust Sr.; adopted mother Marva Knows his Gun; siblings, Mirim & Elizay White, Frank Knows his Gun Jr., Anfernee Birdinground, Timothy Bigman & Josh Yarlott; uncles Woody White, Cyrus Yellowmule, Gary Plenty Buffalo Sr., Fred Alden III, Tim Big Man, and Ben Big Man; and his aunt Pamela Stewart.
He is survived by his mother, Kaylene Alden; siblings Tanaya (Ira) Dust, Tiarra Crooked Arm, Jordan White, Janiece Old Elk, Garrel Snell, Morgan & Jamie White; grandparents Patrick (Carol) Alden Sr., Bruce White Sr., Geraldine Silk, Susan (Aaron) Redstar, Leon Alden, Cedric (Audrey) Black Eagle, Aaron (Martha) Alden, Chester (Sharalyn) Nomee, Duke Tsoodle, Mary Lou (Heywood) Big Day Sr., Barbara Lee Comes Up, Barbara Bacon, YoYo (Reva) Not Afraid, Garland (Issabelle) Not Afraid, Francine Amyotte, Paulette Not Afraid, Marilyn (Butch) Not Afraid, Avrilla (Tom) Fly, Marie (Buddy) Rogers, Ann (Gary) Little Light, Farrol White Hip, and Colleen Black Eagle, Alden Big Man Sr., Larry Dewayne (Carol) Old Elk, Gale Three Irons, Delbert Cottonwood, Emerson Chasing Bear, Everett Iron Eyes, Berniece Iron Eyes and Yvette Gray; uncles and aunts Bruce (Jennifer) White Jr., Nadia (Curtis) Bad Bear, Deano (Marie) Not Afraid, Valerie (Clifton) Falls Down, Erica (Franco) Little Light, Misty (Jonathan) Bright Wings, Heidi Amyotte, Albert Medicine Horse, Chris (Tammy) Dillon, Larkin (April) Chandler, Bethany (Charlie) Eureax, Rosie Other Medicine, Thelma (Dana) Bird, Carrie and Kalli Hugs, Jill (Mike) Hill, Rhonda Rides Horse, Shelly (Sheldon) Dawes, Patrick (Stacy) Alden Jr., Kendall (Bernice) Old Horn and Crystal Nome, R-John and Luke Nomee, Dion Medicine Horse;, J.C. and Donovan Kills Spotted, Reva Hayes, Terry Warren and Darnell Cottonwood; brothers & sisters, Tai & Siobhan Bulltail, Arianna (Marvin) Falls Down Jr., Whittni (Tylis) Bad Bear, Stephan White, Stephani (TR) Little Light, Many Dust, Toni Mounta Sheep, Nadia White, Ian (Kayleigh) White, Naomi (Clayton), Courtney (Connor), Nakola (Shane), Chase, andCaydrin Bad Bear, Jordel, Jayden, and Kayla Yarlott, Waymen, Steven (Jayschelle), Brendan and Cole Falls Down, Jerrel, Marlin (Ivy) and Remi Stewart, Blue Eyes GoodLuck, Rochelle (Garey) White Hip, Lisa (Arscenio) Not Afraid, Tanisha Alden, Leslie(Donald) Flore, Michael John (Myrann) and Gary (Sharla) Plenty Buffalo, Bill, Rena, Lance, Stephan and Williamina House, April (Regis) Hogan, Kristy, Taylan, Fred (Yvonna) IV, Brandon Alden and Marcel (Tremayne) White Fox, Yolanda (Lawrence) Flat Lip, Desmond and Raphael Rides Horse, Darrylen, Victoria (Beau) Beaumont, Roberta (Christian), and Darian Deputee, Derek, Hillary (Tyler), Carol, Sharmanda (Ruben) Plainbull, Lelo Bearchum, Mashaya,Terrel, Savaya, Zayden and Patrick Alden III, Tayshaun, Emmie, Irie, Taya, Rylie,Tavah, and Emberleigh; his nieces and nephews Ruthie Mae, Irie, Savaya, Navaeh, Emerson, Brooklyn, Taurean, Payson, Kenyonn, Morgan Jr, Lydon, Lyndee, Trahnea, Darnell, Cylis, Amberly, Kiyana, Aaliyah, Kaidence, Paisli, Teagen, Kory, Caelyn, Cayton, Kesdyn, Kingston, Tia, Teagan, Kalsei, and Hudson. His extended family include the Not Afraid, Morrison, Hugs, Medicine Horse, White, House, Alden, Fog in the Morning, Three Irons, Big Sky, Top Sky, Stump, Weaselboy, Black Eagle, Big Man, Goes Ahead, Big Hail, Birdhat, Nomee, Blaine, Bulltail, Bear Crane, Big Medicine, Pretty Paint, Stray Calf, Red Wolf, Laforge, Old Horn, Humphrey, Bad Bear and Iron Man. Our family is very large, please forgive us if we have inadvertently forgotten you in the midst of our grief.

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